Til We Become the Sun

Author: Debbie
Rating: NC-17 (blatant PWP, folks!)
Disclaimer: Roswell belongs to Metz and Katims. The song is “Submerge: Til We Become the Sun by Maxwell. I own … well, nothing cool, anyway.
Author's Note: When Kia suggested this song as a good background for Max pushing Kyle up against a wall, running his hands down Kyle’s sides and… Well, you can imagine I couldn’t resist *that* opportunity!! Thanks for the inspiration, Kia! And, as always, many thanks to my wonderful beta-reader, Bennie.
Feedback: You know me by now – I love feedback, both positive and constructive. Please tell me what you think – otherwise I may just shrivel up and die for lack of input. ;-)

Over to under
enter your wonder baby
submerge into me baby
and take me to higher

Max stood silently in the Valenti’s back yard, watching as Kyle said good-bye to Liz and Maria, the last party guests. Michael had left earlier, grumbling that he had an early shift at the Crashdown the following morning, and he’d given Alex a lift home on his motorscooter, while Tess and Isabel had gone off to do presumably girly things back at the Evans’ house. There had been other partygoers too, friends of Kyle’s from football or wrestling or some such, but they, too, were gone now. Probably off getting drunk, Max reflected wryly. But those jocks didn’t matter. All that mattered was that he had successfully managed to be the last person left at the party.

Kyle closed the gate after the girls and turned to start picking up discarded cups and paper plates. He glanced over to where Max waited in the shadows.

“So, what are you still doing here, Evans?”

Max stepped forward and started walking toward Kyle. “Waiting for you.”

Kyle looked at him sharply. “Oh? What for?”

Max continued his slow, steady approach. “You know what for,” he said in a low voice. “You think I haven’t seen you look? You know I saw inside you when you got shot. I know what you want.”

Kyle licked suddenly dry lips and he started backing away, instinctively trying to preserve his personal space. Finally he bumped into the fence – nowhere left to go. “What do I want?” he whispered.

“You want what I want… for us to be alone. And now we are….” Max reached out to run his fingers through Kyle’s hair and then trailed his hands down Kyle’s cheek, his shoulders, his sides. He could see Kyle’s pulse throbbing in his neck, and could feel his own heart pounding with equal fervor. At first Max feared that he’d misunderstood Kyle’s earlier glances and behavior, but all doubts vanished as he watched Kyle’s pupils dilate and his breathing shorten in reaction to Max’s simple gesture. No, he was sure. And he wasn’t going to deny either of them any more.

Pushing Kyle more firmly against the fence, Max bent his head and pressed his lips to the place where Kyle’s pulse throbbed underneath the skin’s surface. He sucked on the spot, gently at first, then, as Kyle moaned in response, Max increased the pressure. Kyle’s hands came up involuntarily, tangling in Max’s hair. “Oh, god,” he gasped.

Aware that his own breathing was becoming more ragged, Max trailed his lips up Kyle’s throat to finally claim his mouth. Kyle’s lips parted in response, returning Max’s kiss with a hunger that spoke of the depth of his longing. Max understood. He, too, had been aching to do this for a long time; it had just taken him a ridiculously long time to admit it to himself. But now, as he explored the hot cavern of Kyle’s mouth with his tongue, Max felt the tension drain away as he gave in to the previously unanswered call. This was where he was meant to be.

submerge within the light
illuminate my night
and let your atmosphere surround me
submerge within the light all night
til we become the sun

It wasn’t long before Max found himself stretched out on the grass, hardly knowing how he’d gotten there. Somewhere along the way Kyle had gone from being a willing recipient to being the active assailant. As they’d stood kissing, pressed against the fence, Max had suddenly felt nimble fingers undoing the buttons on his shirt. And then he was being pushed, nudged, urged to the ground where he now lay, his shirt hanging open, his chest bared to Kyle’s gaze, to Kyle’s touch. Kyle was taking full advantage of the situation, bathing one of Max’s nipples with his tongue, while his hand teased the other tiny bud. Max had never considered these terribly sensitive regions, but under Kyle’s ministrations he could feel waves of pleasure flooding his body.

Kyle inched his mouth and fingers lower, drawing wet and delightfully ticklish paths over Max’s abs, down his stomach, to the waistband of his jeans. Max flung his head back and breathed shallowly. He could see the stars overhead, millions of them gazing down on him and Kyle, sanctifying their union with their glowing presence. There was a pause while Kyle undid the buttons and slid both denim and boxers down Max’s slim hips. And then Max had no more thoughts for the stars as Kyle grasped him firmly and began an uneven pumping rhythm. The torture was almost more than Max could stand -- Kyle kept him guessing, letting the tension build up and then ebb again. Short and sharp strokes, long fluid strokes, fast and slow, high and low.

A moist warmth enclosed the tip, and Max gave a strangled cry in response as the sensations suddenly built up within him, almost to the breaking point. He felt Kyle’s hot mouth engulf him completely, then came a cool breath of air as Kyle pulled back, letting the breeze play over Max’s nakedness. Kyle set a new pattern, more even this time, but Max found that the quickly alternating temperatures caused him just as much delicious agony as Kyle’s earlier handwork had. He could feel the tension build up, carrying him higher than he’d ever gone before; he tried to hold himself back to prolong the moment, but when Kyle added increased suction to the mix, Max knew he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself any longer.

see if I’m breathing
because I’m not sure tonight if I’m alive
words are demeaning
they can’t describe

In his extreme state of arousal Max could hardly think, hardly move, but he managed to blindly reach out a hand until it encountered the top of Kyle’s head. “Kyle,” he groaned in warning.

Kyle glanced up in acknowledgment, but didn’t pull away or change his pace. Knowing what Kyle intended made Max lose control completely. He was unprepared for the power of the moment, stronger than he’d ever felt it. He had no choice but to give in to the sensations, feeling the climax roll through him, overwhelm him, carry him off – up to the watching stars … and back again.

When it was over and he had recovered sufficiently to move again, his first gesture was to pull Kyle up so he could kiss him again. He could taste himself on Kyle’s lips and was surprised to feel the early signs of renewed interest stir within himself. He admonished his body to be patient, and instead directed all his attention on Kyle. Max was determined to make sure that Kyle experienced the indescribable soaring sensations he had just felt.

By the time he and Kyle drowsed off underneath the blanket Kyle had quickly swiped from inside, Max’s mission had been accomplished. More than once, in fact. Sated, Kyle lay next to him on the ground, his head on Max’s shoulder, one leg thrown over Max’s hips. Max gazed back up at the stars, admiring their beauty, remembering how the heavens had seemed to shine down on him as he lay beneath Kyle earlier. He drifted off to sleep, anticipating the next time he’d get to bathe in their luminous glory.

submerge within the light
illuminate my night
and let your atmosphere surround me
submerge within the light all night
til we become the sun

The glare of early morning sunrise woke him up, bringing an abrupt end to his dream. Squinting, Max shielded his eyes and stumbled out of bed to pull down the shade. But when he reached the window he paused a moment, struck by what lay beyond the glass. The sunlight filled his senses, bathing him in its glow, but it was more than that. He saw a blue that rivaled the skies, and brown of the desert. A face. Max pushed up the sash.

“Kyle,” he breathed.


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