Two Peas in a Pod

Author: hah
Rating: PG-13, for mild swearing
Disclaimer: In an alternate universe they'd be mine, but, alas, not in this one.
Setting: "Lost scene" from MitC
Author's Note: Thanks to Debbie for enjoying my fic and offering it a home. Thanks, too, to all the people who have given me feedback!
Feedback: If you send it, you'll get thanked too. lol

This fic was nominated best Dupe Fic in the Roswell Undercover Awards

It was scary. It was sort of like looking into a mirror. A funhouse mirror. I reached my hand out to touch the pink streaks but something in her eyes stopped me.

"Pretty dope, huh?" She wanted to touch me but that woulda been too weird. I mean, what if we, like, got stuck together or sumthin'? Plus, I just wanted to look. She was me, but the "Leave it to Beaver" version or sumthin'. Frickin' wild.

I just nodded. Half the time I wasn't even sure what she was saying. "So, you, um, you guys knew about us all this time?"

I cracked my gum loud. "Yeah. Our, uh, protector told us all about yous guys. But we was never sure if we was the Royal ones or not. Some days he treated us all special-like, the next he freaked about stupid shit like my hair or the tattoos and called us defective. Yous guys didn't know?"

I shook my head slowly. "We just learned about the other four pods recently. Max, Isabel and Michael didn't really know anything until I came to town."

This was news ta me. "The four of ya weren't all together?"

"They came out of the pods before I did and wandered away. Nasedo, um, our, my, protector came and found just me. He raised me. Taught me." I shrugged. It brought back memories I didn't want to deal with right now.

"Epic!" I didn't even wanna imagine life without the others. I mean, sure, Lonnie and Rath treated me like crap, and Zan liked me but didn't love me…. The thought I had was whacked but it might explain stuff. "Shit, if Max and them didn't know nuthin' and you weren't there…then him and Liz…." I broke off when she nodded. "Trippin'!"

I sighed. "Max and the others didn't know anything about our 'destinies.' They all, um, freaked out would be putting it mildly, when they found out."

I started to reach my hand out but stopped. I felt bad though, cuz I knew the feeling. "I know whatcha mean. Zan and me, well, he said he accepted the destiny line but, I dunno, it was always like he was lookin' for sumthin' else." Crap, this was getting cornball but I felt like I hadda say more. I mean, she, was, well, me, in some messed up way. "But you and that jock-guy. You got a little sumthin, sumthin goin' on there, huh?"

I felt the blush heat up my cheeks. I wasn't even sure about my feelings for Kyle. "We're…just friends." She started to laugh and my cheeks just got hotter.

"Whatever you say." I'd seen 'em together. They looked at each other like Lonnie and Rath did just before they went at it. But I was happy for her, I guess. Maybe I had a shot then, to find someone other 'an Zan. I hitched the strap of my bag higher on my shoulder. "Well, I gotta be goin'."

"Do you really have to go?" My voice sounded a little pleading, but I didn't care.

Her voice got ta me but I wasn't gonna cry like some sap. I'd thought about staying but to be where Zan's double was…that'd suck. So I forced myself ta laughed. "Here in Mayberry? I don' think so. It's not my kinda place. Plus, it'd just be too--"

"--weird," we both said at the same time. "Will I see you again?"

Our eyes met. "Yeah, I think ya will." Before I could change my mind, I turned and walked away.

I stayed outside watching her walk away. It felt like I was losing a piece of myself, one I'd only just discovered. Her figure got smaller and smaller in the distance until I couldn't see her any more. Then I turned and walked back into the Crashdown.

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