The Pussy That Sank A Thousand Ships

Author: Kate
Rating: R for language
Spoilers: General Season Two stuff, takes place before TSAP
Disclaimer: Isabel's not mine (oh how I wish!), nor is the concept of a Vagina Monologue, no infringement intended.
Author's Note: This is based on Eve Ensler's amazing book/play (that every woman should read), The Vagina Monologues and the circumstances surrounding Isabel this season (and I can't be the only one to notice the change in her dress since Surprise). I urge everyone I know to see this amazing play and support the V-Day initiative.

A year ago, a couple of months ago even, I was hot shit. If you've got it, flaunt it, right? And I had it. And I certainly flaunted it. Half the guys in school dreamed about Isabel Evans. Isabel Evans, like she was some kind of goddess. Well, hell, didn't you know I was royalty?

A year ago, I led those guys on, dated them, flirted with them, let them touch me. A couple of months ago I wore tight clothes, sashayed around, made eyes at a grown man, hoped he'd touch me.

But that's all changed now. Now, I cover up, keep my head down. No one touches me now, I won't let them, won't let myself. I'm afraid of what will happen if I ever let anyone in.

Because this is the pussy that sank a thousand ships. One touch and it's gone to the darkside, the tramp, the slut. The greedy bitch, can't resist. One touch and it's over. Yes, this is the pussy that brought down a world, toppled a crown, killed a family ... all for the touch of one man.

And so, no one touches me now, because this is the pussy that sank a thousand ships, and I won't let it happen again.


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