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Author: Debbie
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't a thing.
Spoilers: Brief reference to VLV
Author's Note: Hah mentioned a motorbike fic, and Jessamyn suggested a road trip involving Michael, Liz, the bike, a diner and a motel, with Polarkin as side players (I think I worked in 10 of you). And thus this fic was born. I blame you guys entirely for keeping me from completing my crossover fic. ;-) Thank you Otter for your helpful suggestions.
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Liz wrapped her arms around Michael's torso and leaned in happily as they sped off down the highway. She loved these little getaways of theirs – the freedom of the open road, the chance to be together, just the two of them, and the deliciously wild feeling she got just by being on the back of his motorbike.

When had she become so reckless? She, Liz Parker, the do-gooder, the one who never did anything dangerous or out of the ordinary, the one who always followed the rules … was having an illicit affair with her friend's boyfriend, her boyfriend's friend. And she was loving every minute of it.

It was impossible to speak over the noise of the road and the wind, so Liz simply hugged Michael tighter in a silent gesture of her love as she watched the desert flash by. She wondered where he was taking her this time. He never said. They would just meet at the library as prearranged, and he'd whisk her away somewhere on his bike. Once it had been to spend the day on the rim of a local canyon, where they watched hawks soaring in the heated air. Another time he'd simply taken her out to the desert for a haphazard picnic of sorts, with peanut butter sandwiches and some cookies he'd swiped from the Crashdown. The food wasn't important – she had no high-class demands of him like Maria did. It was simply getting to spend the time with him that mattered to Liz. She smiled underneath her helmet as she remembered the time he had gamely taken her to the hands-on science museum 30 miles out of town. For her. He had done that for her. Had stood back and watched in amusement as she ran from exhibit to exhibit like an excited child, as she tweaked knobs and touched and tested everything. Who knew Michael could be so sweet? In a way, she was glad that he didn´t show that side of himself too often. It was like it was something secret and special, just for her.

Liz shook herself out of her reverie as she realized that Michael was slowing the bike and pulling into a parking lot. *Ivy's Diner* the sign over the building said.

"Thought you might want something to eat," Michael said casually as he pulled off his helmet.

"Huh? Yeah, sure, I guess," Liz answered. Now that she thought about it, she *was* starting to get kind of hungry. She'd been so rushed during her noon shift at the Crashdown that she'd only been able to grab a few quick bites of lunch. She eased herself off the motorbike and followed Michael into the nearly empty restaurant.

"Seat yourselves, hon," said a waitress as they entered. She was busy wiping down the counter. Michael and Liz chose a booth and sat down.

"I think there must be some kind of law," Liz said with a laugh as she scanned her menu, "that all diners have to serve the same food. Maybe that's why my parents call all the dishes by weird names – fools the customers into thinking they're getting something different."

"Yeah. Sorry about that. I know I get pretty sick of looking at this stuff every day myself. But this was the closest place, and"—Michael suddenly looked a little abashed—"and it's cheap," he mumbled.

"No, don't worry about it, Michael," Liz said, sincerely. "I just thought it was funny. But I kinda like knowing what I'm going to get, you know?" She looked up as the waitress approached.

"Hi. My name is Sara, and I'll be your server today. What can I get for you kids?"

"Um…" Liz looked over her menu again. "I'll have a Sigourn—a cheeseburger, and some water, please."

"And you?" the waitress turned to Michael.

"Turkey sandwich and a Cherry Coke," Michael said swiftly.

"Coming right up." Sara turned back to yell at the cook. "Sean! A number three and a gobbler!"

"So… where are you taking me this time?" Liz asked Michael as the waitress returned to the counter and started chatting with the two patrons who were sitting there.

"Like I'd tell you," Michael taunted.

"Well, it can't be too far away, seeing as how it's getting pretty late and all…"

"You'll see," he smirked.

Trying to stem her raging curiosity, Liz smiled. Despite her earlier words about wanting to know what she was going to get, she really did like surprises. Well, Michael-surprises anyway.

As they ate, they listened in amusement to the friendly argument that was going on over at the counter. The patrons must have been regulars, since the waitress was calling them by name, and not using the fake politeness that service-industry workers usually exhibited.

"I'm telling you," said one of the customers, "if they dam up the river, I'll never hear the end of it. My boyfriend says it'll spoil all the fishing."

"Yeah," said the other, "but it'll be good for other things – electricity, water conservation… all things that are important to the environment."

"Emma, if they want a dam that's good for the environment, they can just import some otters, then!"

"You mean beavers, Dae," corrected the waitress. "Tell your boyfriend to relax -- there are other places to fish. In fact, there's a nice spot not far from Roswell, I hear."

"Hah! You tell him, then. To hear him talk, you'd think that the river the only good place for fish in the entire state. Something about how the shade from the ash trees makes them want to bite more or something…"

And on and on the argument went. Liz tried not to laugh too loudly, and Michael managed to keep his sarcastic remarks down to a whisper so as not to let on they were eavesdropping. Finally, their meal eaten and paid for, they left the diner and got back on the motorbike. Evening had fallen while they were inside, and the sky was streaked in shades of rose and violet and indigo as the last hints of light faded away. With Liz once more pressed to his back, Michael guided the bike down the highway looking for … well, whatever it was he was looking for. Liz just hugged Michael close and enjoyed the ride.

When he finally did stop the bike again, it was at the edge of an old field, behind a motel. "Where are we?" Liz asked.

Michael shrugged. "Somewhere north. Does it matter?"

"Ummm… well, not if your goal was to bring me to the middle of nowhere," Liz replied.

"Actually," Michael said, taking Liz's hand as he helped her off the bike, "it was. Come on." With a frown of concentration, Michael held his other hand in front of him until a faint light began to extend from his fingers. "What?" he asked, seeing Liz's look of astonishment. He shrugged. "So I forgot my flashlight." He led her out into the field, and then stopped, extinguishing the light.

"What are we…"

"Shhh." Michael pulled Liz down to the ground and then pointed up. "Just look."

Liz looked up and gasped. Away from all the city lights, the stars shone bright and clear and the Milky Way blazed a pale path across the midnight blue sky. She had seen the stars plenty of times – she had a telescope on her balcony, after all– but they had never appeared so plentiful and starkly beautiful as they did now. Liz was so awestruck she could hardly speak as she took in the magnitude and beauty of the universe. She just leaned against Michael's chest, felt him wrap his arms around her, and gazed up at the heavens with him in silence. She wondered briefly which star system represented his home, but squelched the thought quickly. She didn't want to think that he might leave her someday. No, far better to enjoy the moment, even stolen moments such as these.




"Unless you want to get wet, we should move."

"Wha…?" Liz opened her eyes. She must have dozed off. She turned to look at the sky again, but swiftly moving clouds had obscured the view. She heard thunder crackling in the distance.

"Great," Michael muttered, as he took in the approaching storm. "It's going to be a fun ride back, I see."

"Michael," Liz said, pointing to the motel, "how about there?"

He followed her gaze. "What about it?"

"Well, we could wait there until the storm passes, couldn't we?" The first fat raindrops spattered down as she spoke.

Michael started to protest, but the sprinkle quickly turned into a deluge. "Ok, you win," he said, as they raced for the promise of shelter. Despite their speed, they were both soaked when they reached the lobby door and stepped inside, leaving a soggy trail in their wake.

"May I help you?" asked the clerk.

"No thanks," Michael said curtly. "We're just gonna wait for the storm to pass."

"You might be waiting a while, then," the clerk replied. "The Weather Channel shows a long train of systems passing over our area tonight."

Michael and Liz looked at each other. "We might as well stay, Michael," Liz whispered.

He shrugged. "All right." He turned to the clerk. "Give us a room."

The clerk … Jessamyn, Liz noted, looking at her name tag … scratched out their information into her register. "All right Miss Temple," she said, handing Liz a key, "just go out that door and take a left. It's the first room on the right, number 47."

"Thanks," Liz said with a smile.

The clerk waved them off. "You and Dr. Love have a good night, now."


Liz tossed the key onto the dresser as Michael placed his palm over the doorknob and locked it. She looked around. Plain, but clean. Not bad for $30. She only hoped she could find a way to explain the charge on her mother's card. But that was later. For now…

"So," she said, turning to Michael with a grin. "Stuck in the middle of nowhere, alone with Dr. Love." She giggled a little. "Whatever shall we do to pass the time?"

Michael's response was to sweep Liz up into his arms and plunk her down on the bed. He quickly lowered himself down, covering her body with his own. "Does this give you any ideas?" he growled.

Liz opened her eyes wide in mock-astonishment. "Hmmm… I'm sure I have no idea what you're referring to."

"Maybe I should be a bit clearer." Michael ground his hips against hers.

"Got it," she said with a gasp. Liz pulled Michael's head down so she could give him a kiss. She felt his tongue demand entrance and she acquiesced, enjoying the trademark sweet and spicy taste of him as he explored the warm recesses of her mouth with his own.

"You know," Liz said, when they finally broke apart for air, "if I didn't know any better, I'd say you deliberately engineered this storm so we could be here together."

"Nah. Besides, it's not like we haven't used my own … and, may I say, free … apartment for this purpose. Why would I want to use a motel?"

"Well, for one," Liz paused for breath as Michael sucked on her neck, "there's no way we'll be interrupted. And two …" her fingers tugged up his shirt, "it's an awfully convenient means to get undressed. Can't sit around in wet clothes, you know," she finished with a wink.

"Good point." Michael started undoing the buttons on Liz's top. "Thanks for the idea – maybe I'll have to figure out how to produce thunderstorms after all. Could come in handy, you know."

Whatever else Liz was going to say was muffled as Michael's mouth covered hers again in a hungry kiss. By the time they separated, all coherent thought was wiped away. She was only aware of Michael hovering over her, touching her, kissing her, loving her. The sounds of the storm outside seemed to echo their lovemaking inside, building up and reaching its thundering crescendo as they cried out each others' names.

Much later, Liz lay in the crook of Michael's arms and listened to the ebbing rain. He was already asleep, and she was nodding off too. Her final thought was to murmur a quiet "I love you", and to wonder where he would take her next.


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