Not the Only One

Author: Reese
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Disclaimer: They're not mine...blah blah blah...wish they were...blah blah blah.
Author's Note: Yes, I am a Loyalist. And yes, this fic is a way for me to work out some issues. But no, I won't apologize for it. Blame the writers for not giving me what I want. LOL
Dedication: To the Loyalists at Ditch the Logical.

“I want to know.” He brushes past me, through the front door and into my home. I can only guess the answers he wants are in regards to Liz.

Talk to her about it, man. Just leave me out of it.

“Know what exactly?”

“Don´t play games with me, Kyle. I´ve lost almost everything because of you.”

Oh, wait just a damn minute. Don´t turn this around on me.

“Because of me? Evans, please. Look in the mirror, would ya? I´m not the one who proclaimed my undying love for Liz and then slept with her mortal enemy, OK? You fucked this one up all on your own.”

“Why did you do it, huh? Did you just want to hurt me? Break us up? What?”

“She asked me to. Plain and simple.”

“She asked you to make it look like you slept together? And you didn´t find that the slightest bit odd? Admit it, Kyle…you´re loving every minute of this, aren´t you?”

“Whatever you say, Evans.”

“But I want to hear you say it. I want you to admit you didn´t sleep with her that night.”

“OK, I didn´t sleep with her…that night.”

Yeah, think on that for awhile, Evans. Hope it keeps you up at night.

“Wait. What does that mean? That night? Are you trying to imply Liz slept with you on another night?” He laughs. “Please, Liz would never do that. She´s smarter than that.”

“True. She´s smarter than that. And smarter than you, now that you mention it.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

Oooh, I´ve got Max Evans cussing. This is turning out to be quite an eventful day.

“Nothing. Forget it. Just get out of my house.”

“No, I´m not leaving until you tell me what the hell is going on. Liz Parker did not sleep with you that night or any other. Did she? Did she?

“Gee, Evans…if I didn´t know better, I´d say that you are starting to doubt yourself there. Maybe opening up your mind to the possibility she can fuck someone else as easily as you can?”

Uh-oh…that might have taken it too far. Remember, he does have those alien powers.

“No! She was saving herself for me! She told me so!”

“And when did she tell you that? Before she knew Tess had betrayed all of us and killed one of her best friends? Before she knew Tess might have mindwarped everyone else…but not you? You fucked her of your own free will, Evans…admit it. And maybe Liz just wants to even the score.”

“She isn´t like that.” He gets this disgusted look on his face. “Just goes to show you don´t know her at all, Kyle.”

I don´t say anything. I don´t have to. The figure in the doorway says it all.

“He knows me better than you, Max. Better than you ever will.”

Now, this I wasn´t expecting.

“Liz? What are you doing here? What--?” His eyes survey her standing in the doorway. She´s wearing nothing but an old T-shirt of mine and a defiant smile. And I must say, she wears them both quite well.

“What Max?” She starts making her way to the couch where I´ve taken a seat to watch the show. “I think it´s only fair, don´t you?” She places a quick kiss on my smiling lips before sitting down…in my lap.

“But Liz? Everything I said to you today…after Tess left…I thought we were going to work things out. I thought--?” His voice is starting to crack and I can´t deny I find a little pleasure in that.

“We are, Max. We´ll work everything out. Just not tonight, OK? I sort of have other plans.” She snuggles in a little closer to me to convey the message.

Oh, now she´s just being downright cruel…and I love it.

“I don´t know what to say.” He looks defeated and turns to walk out.

“Be sure to lock the door on your way out okay, Evans? Thanks.” I just had to have the last word…for once.

I wait until I hear the Evans´ Toyota pull out of the driveway before facing the half-naked girl sitting in my lap. “So…what was that all about?”

A shy smile crosses her lips. I notice she doesn´t feel the need to jump up and put clothes on either. She looks quite comfortable, actually.

“I just thought he had a lot of nerve coming over here and making all those demands, that´s all.”

“So you decided to put on nothing but my T-shirt and make an appearance?”

“Yeah. You like the look?”

A laugh from somewhere deep in my chest escapes. “Yeah, let´s not even go there right now, okay?” I´m already trying my damnedest to keep my thoughts pure.

Not easy.

“So do you have any ice cream in this house? Or do we have to go get some?”

“I thought you were going to sleep in there…before we had company?” I can´t believe it was just two hours ago that she appeared at my door and wanted to talk…wanted to hide from all that happened.

“I´m awake now. And I want to seek solace in fattening dairy products.”

“I´ll drive…if you wear that and only that to the store.”

“Do I have to go in?” I can´t believe she´s even considering it. This is not the girl I dated.

I think it over. “Nope, you can stay in the car.”

“Deal. Let´s go.” She´s out of my lap and at the door before I can react. “Hurry. I want to be sure we´re back and I´m dressed before your dad gets home.”

“Liz, it´s after one in the morning. He´s probably not even coming home tonight. Might be trying to figure out how they´re going to explain the Jeep or whatever with Isabel. He left with her a few hours ago.”

“Hmmm…that sounds suspicious.” She winks.

“No…no…don´t even go there. My mind can´t take it.”

“Can´t take what? The fact that your dad might be getting it on with the only girl in the whole school you ever wanted but couldn´t have?”

“Not the only one.”

“Now, now, Kyle. As far as everyone knows, you´ve already had me.”

Oh Buddha, give me strength.

“Sooner or later they´ll come to their senses though.” I laugh as I reach for my keys. I turn around to find her lips on mine. I put my hands in my pockets to make sure they behave.

She pulls away slowly. “What was that for?” I ask. “I mean, not that I mind or anything…”

“I just figured you deserved something for your performance earlier.”

I open the door for her.

“Well, if you think that performance was good, you should see what I´m like in— ”

“Kyle! Don´t even start. Unless, of course, you want to also discuss the possibilities of what´s going on between your father and Is-“

“Fine…fine. Just wanted to let you know that my services are available for your convenience…and pleasure…at any time.”

“I´ll keep that in mind.” She slides into the passenger seat before I close the car door.

You´re not the only one.

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