Author: Reese
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: They're not mine...blah blah blah...wish they were...blah blah blah.
Summary: Liz must consider her options when it comes to the men in her life.
Author's Note: Thanks to Debbie and Rilla for looking this over.

What do you mean you´re not sure?

How can you have doubts?

He said he loved you, not her, and you know that´s true.

Yeah. OK. So he´s having a child with her. So what?

It´s not a child of love, not like yours will be.

Oh, you´re right. I might be jumping the gun on that one. Sorry.

But you know I´m right. You know deep down it´s true.

Plus, he thought you had been with Kyle so it´s not like he wanted to share his first time with anyone but you, he just figured you had beat him to it…with Kyle of all people.

Yes. I agree. He should have known better. But, come on. You set it up to look like that. What did you expect?

I know why you did it, but he didn´t know about Future Max and the end of the world. He only knew what he saw, which was you…in bed…with Kyle. And he asked you about it over and over and told you he didn´t believe what his eyes saw that night but you never gave him reason to believe otherwise.

Again, I agree. He should have listened to his heart…but what now?

Can you forgive him? Can you move on?

Oh, I don´t think I can take any more of this back and forth and up and down. Are you two in love or not?

I asked you a question.

Sean? Sean??? What does he have to do with this? I mean, yes, he was there for you when Max wasn´t, but so what? Do you love him? Surely you don´t love him as you love Max! Right?

Why are you hesitating? Don´t hesitate. Just say “I could never love anyone like I love Max.”

Say it.

Why won´t you say it? Why are you just sitting there looking like you´re thinking it over. Why do you have to think it over? Max is your soulmate and Sean is just…well…certainly not soulmate material.

Stop thinking!

Did you just tell me to shut up? Did you? Who do you think you are?

Yes, I know it´s your life, but considering I´ve been here through it all, I just thought I´d get to put in my two cents on the matter.

Ok, fine. Try to explain to me how Sean is the better man for you. Go ahead, try.

Yes, he did help you out with the Alex thing when Max wouldn´t…can´t argue that.

Yes, he was there for you after the whole prom fiasco.

Yes, he was the catalyst for your newfound strength that helped you take control of your life again. That´s an excellent point, hadn´t thought of it like that before.

What? No, I´m not mocking you! I´m just agreeing with you point by point. Please continue.

Yes, well there is that. He is human, of this Earth and here to stay. Plus, he isn´t married to anyone in this, or any other, life.

Are you sure he doesn´t have any children out there? OK, sorry…just couldn´t resist. You´re right. This is no time to make jokes.

Yes, I see your point. He has worked out surprisingly well for you lately but he´s still not Max. I know Max is flawed and comes with some baggage but are you trying to tell me that juvie boy doesn´t? I mean, eventually you are going to have to pick between the two of them.

Why are you smiling? Anyone ever told you you look like trouble when you smile like that?

What do you mean there´s more? More than two? To choose from? Who else is there?

Kyle? Kyle Valenti? Your EX-boyfriend? Are you serious?

Yes, I understand that he is going through a rough time, you all are, but—

He came to you last night? What did he say?

Really? He said that? About you and him? I thought he had a thing for Tess there for a while? Oh, that´s right, he chalked that all up to sibling feelings.

Well, I guess it would make sense for him to feel that way about you after all that has happened lately. It was a safer and simpler time when the two of you were together.

No, he is a good looking guy…and human to boot…but he´s still not—

OK, OK, I won´t say his name again.


Sorry, couldn´t help myself.

What do you mean? I am taking this seriously! As seriously as I can take it considering you are choosing between an ex-boyfriend who is a Buddhist jock, a juvenile delinquent who basically knows nothing about you, and an alien who was king of another planet and now has a child on the way thanks to his backstabbing wife from a previous life. I mean, really! It´s not your average choice, now is it?

What do I think you should do? You really want to know?

What´s the French term for a foursome?

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