Author: Reese
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They're not mine...blah blah blah...wish they were...blah blah blah.
Summary: End of Departure, Tess POV.

I am a failure. Nothing more, nothing less.

At least, that´s how they´ll see it.

They won´t consider the child I´m carrying an accomplishment.

They´ll only see that I´m coming home alone, without the three they really wanted.

Have I ever been wanted?

Will my child be wanted? Or will he merely be another pawn in this power struggle?

As the blue and green swirls around me, these are the thoughts running through my mind.

I don´t want to go home.

I don´t want to be used anymore.

I want to be me, whoever that is, and have my world revolve around things of less importance than this.

I want to live my life the way I decide, not how I´m told to live it.

The pulsating sounds around me are humming at an accelerated rate.

It´s almost time.

I don´t want to go.

I place my hands protectively around my midsection in a vain attempt to protect my child from what is to come.

I wonder if he will ever forgive me for bringing him into this world.

The entire foundation begins to shake.

I´m sorry.

Rocks start to tumble around me at the quickening of flashing lights.

Please forgive me.

I feel my body become light and heavy all at once and I know that it is time.

Goodbye, my son.

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