Author: tee2012
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Consider this a case the writers go on strike. Ha ha.
Spoilers: early Season Two
Summary: Who dunnit?

This won best Foof Fic in the Summer 2001 Roswell Undercover Awards

They gathered in Max's bedroom after dinner, Isabel, Max and Tess. Michael climbed through the window asking, "Sup?" Max took control as usual.

"Tess has an announcement she wanted us all to hear." Tess' eyes were bloodshot and wet, obviously from prolonged tears.

"What now?" Michael said sarchastically. "Let me guess. You miss Nasedo, you're jealous of Liz, you don't like the way they cook the macaroni and cheese at Kyle's --"

"Michael!" Isabel scorned. "Shut up and listen."

"I'm sick of listening, Isabel. That's all I do around here."

"This isn't about you, Michael!" Isabel hissed.

"Damn straight! I don't know why I bother--"

"I'm pregnant!" Tess blurted out.

Everyone froze and looked at her.

"W -- what?" Max stuttered.

"I'm pregnant," she said a little softer, and looked at the carpet.

Isabel and Michael together turned and looked at Max.

"Don't look at me-- you don't think that I -- I had nothing to do with this!" he protested.

"It wasn't Max." Tess said.

"Then who?" Michael demanded.

"I don't know."

"You don't know!" Michael exploded. "How can you not know! Have there been so many?"

"Wait a minute, now. Just stop!" Max said, protectively. "Tess, are you sure. I mean, I read that-- you know, stress and stuff can interrupt your -- you know."

"You can say the words, Max," Isabel said. "This isn't sixth grade health class. Her period, all right? And yes, she is pregnant. We just did a test in my bathroom."

"A test? How did you --"

"Isabel had a home pregnancy test. She let me use it."

Max and Michael together turned and looked at Isabel.

"Don't even go there," she said. "The thing is, the stick is blue."

"Blue," Michael said. "I thought it was supposed to be pink"

"No, I think it stays white if you're not and turns blue if it's a boy --" Max said.

"Yeah but on the commercial --"

"Guys!" Isabel shouted. "The stick is blue, it's got a plus sign on it, and there's a neon sign flashing "You're Pregnant!" Ok? Here, take a look." She held the stick out and Max took it from her.

"Dude, that had pee on it!" Michael cautioned.

Max immediately fumbled the stick. He flipped it up in the air and it landed on the carpet in the middle of the room, plus side up. They all looked at it. Then Tess closed her eyes and her shoulders started to shake from the force of her silent sobs.

That was Day One.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

The next day, Michael and Liz stood at her locker before her first class.

"She asked to stay with me for awhile, so I said yes." Liz explained.

"That cinches it. It has to be Kyle, or maybe Sheriff Valenti. Or both."


"Well, have you looked at her? She's hot! I don't know how those guys can actually live with her and keep their dicks in their pants!"

Liz glared at him angrily.

"Oh, hey. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to -- Ok, so I'm up shit creek now. I get it."

Liz turned her back on him and slammed her locker shut. Then she started down the hall to class. Michael hurried alongside.

"So how are you going to get along with Tess in the house? I mean, she's not exactly you're favorite person." Michael asked.

"You'd be surprised, Michael. Women are ultimately very protective when one of their own has been misused. We stick together, and whatever I may have thought about Tess in the past, she needs all her sisters now."

"You've been talking to Maria, haven't you."

"I don't expect you to understand," she said, and slipped into biology class just as the bell was ringing.

Michael continued down the hall at a leisurely pace and went into the library. Alex sat at a round table with several books open in front of him and papers scattered all around. Michael came up to him and flipped a chair around to sit in it backwards, resting his arms on the back.

"So, Alex, you heard the news?"

"Michael. I have a paper due next period on the history of the Carolingian Dynasty and I haven't even gotten past Charlemagne's 10th birthday! This is not a good time --"

"Speaking of births, who do you think knocked her up?" Michael asked, absently spinning a pencil on the table, like it was spin the bottle.

"Knocked who up? Honestly! You people who glue themselves in front of the TV during fifth period and watch 'All My Children!' I just can't get into it, Ok? I don't know which demented character you're talking about."

"I'm talking about OUR demented character. Tess. She's pregnant."

"Oh my god! Who? How?"

"The who we don't know yet. The how, you're gonna have to work out for yourself."

Alex blushed bright red. Michael noticed.

"Aaaalex! You dog! You didn't have anything to do with this, did you?"

Alex gulped and started to gather up his books and papers in a frenzied rush.

"I --uh, I have to go now Michael!" He rushed out of the Library so quickly that he bumped into someone, dropped a book, and didn't even stop to pick it up.

"Yup, definite maybe," Michael said, chewing on the end of the pencil.

That night Tess was in Liz's room putting things away in a drawer that Liz emptied for her. Liz sat on the edge of the bed talking with Maria on the phone.

"I know I know! It's wild speculation." Maria said. "But think about it. Didn't you always get this weird vibe about Tess and Nasedo? I mean, they traveled all over together, and she always had to play the little hostess, little miss house frau."

"Yeah, I think Thursday will be perfect."

"And you remember how creepy he was. And he obviously didn't have a normal set of morals, I mean, you found that out."

"Your lab partner is Jake Morales? That must be fun."

"And she's just a teensy too grown up in my book. On the make all the time, scoping out the guys. And she knows all this stuff about her planet, like she's still the queen of it, you know?"

"It hadn't occurred to me."

"Do you mean it hadn't occurred to you in the fake conversation, or what I'm saying hadn't occurred to you?"


"Oh well, I just think that this is a real possibility. Mark my words, when the baby comes out looking like a little green man --"

"Czechoslovakia? Are you sure? I thought it was two countries now."

"SEE! SEE! You DO agree with me! I knew it! You've just got to take advantage of this time with her, girlfriend. Find out everything you can! I want a complete report in the morning."

"Ok. Bye." Liz hung up.

When she looked up she was surprised to see Tess standing across the room in only her bra and panties. Tess unhooked the front of her bra and pulled it off her shoulders, shaking her arms free of it. Liz had seen all kinds of girls naked in the locker room showers. But Tess had the most perfectly shaped breasts she had ever seen. Liz's mouth dropped open as she stared at them.

"What, these?" Tess asked, cupping them in her hands like so much produce at a fruit stand. She was glad Liz was looking. "Oh yeah. All that bio-engineering. Isabel and I are both kind of…perfect." She bounced them in her hands to weigh them, like two small grapefruit. "I thnk they're a little fuller now, you know, because of the pregnancy."

Liz snapped her mouth shut and turned around. "Yeah," she said, hoarsely. "I hadn't thought of that. I guess they would be."

When Liz turned around again, Tess was wearing one of Kyle's jerseys as a nightie.

"Aren't you getting ready?" Tess asked, pulling the covers back on the double bed she and Liz would share.

"Oh, yeah." Liz stripped to her tank top and panties and climbed in, turning off the light. She lay on her side with her back to Tess.

"I guess this is pretty traumatic for you," Liz offered.

Tess yawned. "Well, I've been through a lot lately."

"I know. I feel so, you know, sorry for you."

"I guess pity is better than hatred."

Despite the importance of the conversation, Liz was tired and couldn't keep her eyes from blinking shut. She yawned.

Tess slid in a little closer to Liz, pulling her knees up behind Liz's knees and noozling her nose into Liz's shoulder. It felt so warm and comfortable to Liz. She would be surprised about that in the morning, but for now, she drifted closer and closer to sleep with the feel of the warm body next to her.

Tess let out a long sigh. "I'm just worried about what all this is going to do to Michael," she said dreamily. Liz's eyes shot open and her back muscles stiffened. She was about to say something, but she heard soft snoring sounds coming from the touselled haired lump next to her.

That was Day Two.


Max, Isabel and Michael sat together at a booth at the Crashdown.

"My money's on Kyle, although Alex is looking pretty good too." Michael said.

"Alex!" Isabel said in surprise. "You've got to be kidding."

"You guys, I think we should let it go." Max interjected. "What's done is done. She really just needs our support now."

"Hey, you guys!" Alex burst in cheerily. He scooted Michael over so he could sit across from Isabel. "Whatcha talking about? Oh, yeah. The Tess thing."

"It's not a 'thing' Alex. It's a pregnancy, and it's serious." Isabel admonished.

"Yeah, buddy!" Michael said, grabbing Alex by the shoulder and shaking him vigorously.

"You're gonna be a new papa!"

"Guys! Wait just a second! You don't think -- Isabel it isn't me!"

"I hardly think so, Alex. Michael, what are you doing?"

"You should have seen the blush-o-meter go off the chart on this guy yesterday!"

"All mixed metaphors aside, folks, that was -- oh boy! I don't even know why I'm telling you this - it's so embarassing. It's just that --" Alex lowered his voice and they pulled their heads in closer to hear --"I've been having these dreams lately about Tess --"

"Ohhhhhh!" They all groaned in unison.

"What? You mean you guys haven't had them too? Sometimes I think she's putting them in my head! They're so real! And we do stuff I never even HEARD of, let alone dreamed of."

Isabel cleared her throat loudly and gazed out the window, pretending to ignore him. Alex sheepishly slid out of the booth.

"I think I'll just go sit at the counter now and say hi to the girls."

At the counter, Alex noticed Liz glaring at the booth he'd just left while slamming things like the plastic mustard and ketchup bottles on the counter. Mustard blorted out of one on impact and sent a yellow blob onto Alex's cuff.

"Hey!" he said, wiping it up, but he knew he'd never get the stain out. "What's going on?"

Liz ignored him and directed her glare to one person squirming in the booth. Alex looked in the same direction and saw Michael look up at Liz with a guilty expression on his face.

"Hey, did you see that --" Alex started.

"SHHHH!" they both exploded.

"But I don't get it…why? Why Michael? Are Liz and Michael -- Oh my god! You mean Liz and Michael--"

"Keep it down, Alex!" Maria whispered "It's been going on for months! Where have you been?"

"I…I don't know," Alex said shaking his head. "I honest to god do not know where I've been."

Liz slammed another mustard bottle down on the counter and a yellow blob burst onto his other cuff.

"Oh good, now I match," he said, wiping his sleeve with a napkin. "Uh, Maria, can I talk to you, uh, about these stains? In the kitchen? Now?"

Maria followed him through the swinging doors explaining that soda water would take the stains out until Alex spun around to face her, grabbing her by the shoulders.

"Maria, I'm the father!"


"I know it's crazy, but what other explanation is there?"

"Oh I can think of a dozen right now!"

"No, you see, I've been having these dreams about Tess--"

"Ohhhhhh!" She groaned and rolled her eyes.

"Wait! I swear to you I think Tess was putting them in my head -- of her and me, you know, en flagrante --"

"On what?"

"It doesn't matter. Just that I was a mess when I'd see her at school, and I knew she knew! The way she'd look at me. And then she'd brush up on me. God! Did you know she has the most perfect mamaries ever on the female body?"

"So I've been told," Maria said with marked displeasure.

"This one day, I remember I was supposed to be doing research on my Charlemegne paper, and she came up to me in the hall, just, on fire! I couldn't stand it! The next thing I knew, we were in the eraser room and I had my pants down around my ankles…."

It was warm in the kitchen, but Maria was getting particularly hot. She picked up a to-go menu and started fanning herself with it.

"Go on"

"I came. Like a volcano. Like Vesuvius. Like Krakatoa. Like Mt. St. Helens --"

"You mean you and Tess, in the Eraser Room, having intercourse?"

"Yes! Or no…"

"Alex, she's not 'a little' pregnant, so you didn't have 'a little' sex."

"Well, I wasn't inside her. It happened so fast! I came outside. But what other explanation can there be? Some of it must have….dribbled….you know….inside."

"Oh god, Alex! Way too much information. Look, we'll have to take this into consideration, but for now, let's keep it our little secret."

"Except that don't you think you should tell Liz? I mean, she's obviously got Michael on the primary suspects list. But he thinks it's one of the Valenti's."

Maria stopped and thought about that.

"You just leave everything to me," she said.

Sheriff Valenti was patroling East Poe Street after dark when he saw Maria dressed like a hooker.

What's she doing out here like that? It's not Thursday night, he thought.

Maria was dressed like he described how the hookers in Albuquerque looked when he used to do his cadet ride-alongs back in the early '70's, back when he was training. It was their little game. He'd arrest her, sometimes frisking her, always cuffing her, read her her rights, and carefully guide her, head-first, into the squad car. All this made him extremely hot. She could always sense his urgency by whether or not he used lights and siren as he sped out of town to a quiet side road off of 285 South.

After he pulled up to her, he was about to get out and do his fake arrest thing when she suddenly jumped into the front seat and slammed the door.

"Drive!" she said.

"Maria! You can't just get in like that. I've explained that to you before. I have to arrest you! What if people saw you?"

"Just drive, Mister, and explain to me how your little charge got pregnant on your watch?"


"That's right. Tess is pregnant, and she won't say who the father is."

Valenti's stomach cramped and churned up a throat-full of acid. Oh god. I knew this would happen! he thought. Maria explained the details to him, at least everything they knew so far.

"So. Was it you, or Kyle?"

"Oh no, it wasn't Kyle. He's completely changed. He's so pious now, all he does is chant in the dark and light those 'sticks' on fire. I doubt he has a lustful bone left in his body."

"God, becoming a Buddhist is like joining a cult!"

"I know. It's got me worried."

"Then if it wasn't Kyle…"

Valenti looked away. That's all Maria had to see and she knew. Her back strainghtened up like a school marm's and she slid as far over to the door as she could.

''God, Valenti! What were you thinking!"

"I know. It was stupid. But believe me, Maria. Keeping this a secret from you has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do."

"Oh puhleez! What happened, Valenti? Did she get scared of the dark and climb into bed with you?"

"Well, yeah, it was kind of like that. She didn't like sleeping on the couch, before Kyle gave up his room for her. He didn't know it, but she came into my room one night, and one thing led to another and….she always went back to the couch before Kyle woke up."

"Always went back? You're saying this happened repeatedly? I should have known! And of course, Children's Services thought it was safe to put her in a house with a horny teenage boy because his dad was a cop! Boy, were they wrong!"

Maria's anger only made his flesh harden and throb. He was an animal, he knew it. But this had been the most incredible year of his life, and he couldn't stop. His everyday life had suddenly become filled with beautiful teenage girls, every one bent on keeping some secret from him or extracting information from him. And every one had tempted him with sexual favors to get his cooperation or silence, from Isabel with the voluptuous body of a full-grown woman, to Liz Parker, with her little pink tits just blossoming, her tiny nipples like hard little buds in his mouth. Before he knew it, it all became so easy.

Valenti reached out and fondled Maria's breast, but Maria slapped his hand away.

"What are you doing? This isn't Thursday!"

"But you dressed up for the part --"

"This is what I wore to school today, you perv!" she said indignantly.

"The retro look is very big."

"I'm sorry."

"Just drive me back, and if you behave yourself, I might let you play 'homeless runaway teen' with me."

"In the alley behind the Baskin-Robbins?"


Valenti switched on lights and siren.

Michael knocked on the Valenti's front door and heard Kyle yell from inside.  

"Come in!"

The door was unlocked so Michael walked in, looking around for Kyle. He wandered down the hall and heard Kyle say, "I'm in here." Michael opened one of the bedroom doors and saw Kyle lying on a bed wearing nothing but a black leather thong and a dog collar. He was leaning against an embarassment of pillows with one arm behind his head and the other draped across his hairless chest while he twisted his nipple with his thumb and finger.

Both boys looked at each other and screamed.


 Kyle jumped up and covered himself with a pillow while Michael slammed the door shut and closed his eyes. He waited a few seconds for the blood to stop pounding in his ears and then said, "are you decent?"

"Yeah, come on in."

Michael carefully opened the door and this time saw Kyle wrapped in a sheet which he clutched to his chest, sitting on top of the bed, scoonched up against the headboard.

"What do you want, Michael?"

"I wanted to know how you liked fucking Tess. It was you, wasn't it? Not your dad?"

"My dad? Mr. Straightarrow? He calls all the girls Miss Parker and Miss Harding. He was an Eagle Scout, for god's sake. He'd never do anything like that."

"So it was you?"

Kyle squirmed uncomfortably.

"Come on, Kyle," Michael needled. "I'll tell Master!" he smirked.

"Ok, yeah. I've been doing Tess for weeks now. I couldn't help it! God, the jugs on that girl! Her hips, her waist."

"I know."

Kyle paid no attention and kept talking.

"She came into my room at night. Said she didn't like sleeping on the couch. She always left before dad woke up. He doesn't have a clue."

"Well, I've had my doubts about you Kyle, considering, you know." He pointed to the collar. "But it looks like your little swimmers really counted for something besides lubricant this time."

"Get off it, Guerin. You know the best part about sleeping with Tess is seeing what's going on in that pretty little head of hers -- when she comes? She can't stop sending your brain pictures of things? I saw you once, and the look of disappointment on her face when you pulled yourself off of her. I guess you just weren't a very good fuck."

Michael's anger exploded inside him and he reached out a fist to send a lethal charge careening at Kyle's head. But someone suddenly grabbed his arm from behind and diffused Michael's power with his own. It was Max. Kyle sat up and grinned expectantly, like a kid who sees Santa Claus.

Max pulled Michael out of Kyle's room and pushed his back up against the wall out in the hallway. He pinned him with his body and held his wrists firmly up over his head. Michael felt his watch dig into his skin as Max pressed his hands hard against the wall. Max touched his forehead to Michael's and closed his eyes as he spoke quietly, so close his breath went into Michael's mouth and their lips lightly touched.

"I need you, Michael."

"I know, Max."

"You're like my little brother, I always have to pull you out of these scrapes. But you're gonna do better for your big brother right?"

"Yeah Max, I'll try."

"I'm so proud of you Michael. Hey, I love you, bro." Max leaned over and gently kissed Michael on his left temple. Michael felt himself tighten in his jeans, uncomfortably restrained by the button fly. He thought his heart would burst.

"Hey, I don't have all night you know!" Kyle yelled from the bedroom.

Max released Michael. "Looks like someone needs a spanking!" Max said with a wide grin. He gently pushed Michael down the hall and slipped into the bedroom with Kyle.

As Michael let himself out the front door, he heard Kyle say, "I've been bad, mommy."

Michael shook the cold shiver out of his ears and off his shoulders and walked out into the dark.

Isabel, wearing a pair of peach satin pajamas, lay in bed very still while she listened to the hushed breathing of the other members of her family. After a few minutes she heard her dad's low rumbling snore and her mother's high pitched whistle, rhythmic and repetitive. But it was Max that she was most intent upon listening for. He didn't snore, of course, but she knew how to tell the change in his breathing that indicated he was dreaming.

They had different REM patterns than humans did. Their sleep cycles were rapid and exhausting. Dreamwalking Michael compared to dreamwalking Maria was the difference between riding the rollercoaster at Six Flags and floating in a child's wading pool. Max was a particular challenge, though, because over the years he'd learned to send Isabel down dead ends and false trails. Lately, he protected the contents of his sub-conscience more and more fiercely. Isabel worried that one of these days she'd come face to face with an actual booby-trap, something that might do her harm if she got too close. It made it tough for her to keep trusting Max, knowing he could do something like that to his own sister.

Why was Max so ready to drop the subject of paternity? Something about his reactions to all this didn't add up. While everyone was busy speculating about every other male in their group, she kept coming back to Max and wondered what he knew.

Max was asleep, finally, so Isabel drifted off .

First up, the usual sex dream with Liz Parker.

Max walked into the Crashdown after closing. He saw Liz standing behind the counter putting sugar into the dispenser with a tiny spoon. It was his mother's favorite souvenir spoon from Yellowstone. He came up behind Liz silently and reached around to pull her uniform open with a powerful tug. He kneaded her gigantic breasts with both hands while his cock grew to a hard ten inches and stuck straight out, bouncing against her butt. He bent her over and ran his hands up under her skirt over her bare hips (never any panties). Then he plunged into her and came like a firetruck, came like a bullet train, came like a battering ram. He never looked at her face.

Dozens of women stood outside with their faces pressed up against the glass watching, eagerly.

Oh, please, Isabel thought

Suddenly it was day, and the café was full of customers, the cash register rang up a sale,and the cook in the back yelled "order up!" Max stood front of all those people, naked and limp, leaking down Liz's leg. He was mortified.

Isabel added that last part just for fun, but she had to be careful. That kind of goofing around could alert Max to her presence. She vowed to be good and just watch.

The next dream was Max running.

Max ran down a dark street late at night holding his jacket out to shield a small figure running along next to him. Rath ran up to him, becoming Michael when he reached Max. Max knocked him out of the way.

Isabel twisted uncomfortably when she saw that. It always bothered her the way Max treated Michael. He was such a condescending bully.

Nicolas drove up beside him and shot an uzi out of the window of the car then drove off. Sheriff Valenti ran up to him with a gun drawn, but Max waved his hand and Valenti became a golden retriever, licking Max's hand and wagging its tail. "Let's go! He shouted and he started to run, run away even from Tess, no longer protecting her. Running and running and running.

Running from things was a recurring theme in Max's dreams that Isabel found tedious to the extreme. But it quickly changed.

Max stood in the hall with his mom in their tastefully decorated suburban tract home.

Wait a minute. This was something new. She had never known him to dream about ordinary things like their mom or their house.

"Mom, it's Isabel. She's so stupid. How can we keep calling her an Evans?"

"I know dear."

"Mom, it's Isabel."

"I know dear."

Isabel squirmed restlessly under her covers as she walked this dream.

Max went into his room and talked to Tess, standing naked and pink in front of the open window, the curtains blowing violently. Max went up to her and made slow circles with his forefinger around her cold hard nipples.

"I think we've gotten rid of Isabel."

"I'm your will now." Tess said.

"She's getting too smart…she can figure it out all by herself…won't need me…bossy…can't fuck her…not like you."

It was hard to hear everything he said because the sound of the wind was so loud.

He touched Tess's snowy, sensitive breast with slow, deliberate, circular strokes around her hard, pink nipples.

"Getting too smart…can figure it out all by herself…won't need me."

"…won't need you."

"…bossy…can't fuck her…not like you."

Max turned and looked right at Isabel, like an actor looking into the camera. And he grinned fiendishly.

"…can't fuck you."

His finger curled around her hard dark nipple. "…fuck you."

"Oh god, I'm coming!"

That last outburst was Isabel. She sat up in her bed, panting, her hair and pajamas soaked, and her cunt pulsating with ebbing contractions. Then the bile came up into her throat. "I'm gonna get you for that, you little bastard!"

That was Day Three.


Max came home from school and threw his backpack down on the couch as he made a beeline for the kitchen. "Mom?" he yelled. There was no response and he poured himself a large glass of orange juice. He took it into his room and shut the door behind him.

There, kneeling on his bed naked, back arched, head tilted back, as if drinking in the atmosphere surrounding her, Tess waited for him. She looked like Miss December. Her smooth skin radiated a sexual glow, while her blond curls formed a halo around her angelchild face.

The window was open and the wind whipped the curtains into a frenzy. Max shut the window and pulled the curtains closed so that his room was dark. Michael was right. She did have the most perfect rack. Just as he'd dreamed.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Isabel invited me over. I just sort of wandered in here."

Max grabbed one of his tee shirts off the floor and threw it at her. "Put this on."

"Mom, Dad…I need to talk to you about Max." Isabel said with concern in her voice.

"What is it, honey," Mrs. Evans asked, immediately alert.

"I feel really bad about something he asked me not to tell you guys."

"Izzy, if Max is in trouble and needs our help, you really should tell us about it," her father said, taking her hands in his. "It must be important, or you wouldn't have called me home from work."

"You two better sit down."

Wearing just the tee shirt, Tess scooted off the bed and walked across the carpet to Max on her perfectly shaped bare feet. Max wanted to lay her back down on the bed and suck on her toes.

"Why don't you?" Tess asked him.

"Why don't I what? Are you trying to tell me you can read my mind now?"

"No, I can read this." She stroked her hand over the hard bulge building inside his jeans.

He grabbed her wrist hard and twisted her hand away from him. Why did he still feel her touch on him, like phantom pain?

Isabel continued daubing her tears with a kleenex.

"Tess is pregnant!"

"No!" Mrs. Evans gasped.

Alex's band was practicing in the garage. When Alex heard the car horn honking, he switched on the garage door opener and gradually brought into view Maria, Michael and Liz in the DeLuca's Jetta. Maria hung out the window and waved him over.

"Come on! We've gotta go to Max and Isabel's!"

Alex pulled the guitar strap over his head. "What's wrong?"

"Isabel called us at the Crashdown," Maria answered. "She says their house was trashed again."

"With all kinds of weird markings drawn on the walls. Isabel was hysterical!" Liz added.

"Ok Ok!" Michael said impatiently. "Let's get a move on!"

Alex climbed in.

Max lay naked on his back on the bed while Tess straddled him. Articles of his clothing were strewn all over the room. She crossed her arms and pulled his tee shirt up over her head letting her full breasts bounce. Max cupped them greedily in his hands and she leaned forward so he could take one in his mouth and suck.

"I knew you'd come around," she said.

He let her wet nipple pop out of his mouth.

"I was just waiting for the right time. And now I don't have to worry about getting you pregnant."

Sheriff Valenti and his son Kyle sat in the patrol car in the mini-mart parking lot, clocking traffic with a radar gun.

"I'm really glad you came on this ride-along Kyle. It's great when a father can share his work with his son."

"It's just extra credit for Civics class, dad. Don't get all weepy on me, ok?"

A small red import filled with teenagers sped past doing 47 in a 25 mph zone.

"Wasn't that Miss DeLuca?" Valenti asked. "Well, we better go check this out. You wanna run the lights and siren, son?"

"Sure dad. Whatever turns you on."

Mrs. Evans jumped to her feet. "What do you mean Max is responsible! Oh god!"

"Hang on honey," Mr. Evans said, rising to put his arm around his wife's shoulder. "Izzy, are you sure?"

Isabel sobbed into her shredded tissue. "Yes…he TOLD me," she wailed. "He's the father!"

The doorbell rang.

"What now?" Mr. Evans said going to the door.

Max put his hands on her hips and guided her so that she fell into a rhythm, rubbing her bare bottom across his hard cock. He pushed off the bed to meet her.

"Ohhhhh…" he groaned. "I'm glad it's my turn now."

"It was purely recreational with those other guys. No harm, no foul."

"Getting pregnant must be one of those. Harm or foul"

That was the last coherent thing he said for a while. He slipped past the realm of words and devolved to long moans and sudden intakes of breath that hissed through his clenched teeth.

Tess knew he was ready. She lifted her butt in the air and slid down over his hard cock, using her strong legs to pump up and down on him. Max loved the wet slapping sound she made as his climax built to explosive levels. His eyes rolled back and his mouth fell open.

"I'm not pregnant," she said, increasing her speed.

"What? Oh god, Oh god! I can't --I can't stop!" He grabbed her hips and pulled her up and down on him until he was ready to explode inside her.

Max's friends pushed past Mr. Evans and filled the entry. Liz went over to Mrs. Evans, who was visibly shaken, and took both her hands.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Evans. We came as soon as we heard."

"You know?" She asked with a bewildered look on her face.

"Liz! She's going into shock!" Alex said. "Here, Mrs. E. Lie down and put your feet above your heart."

Just then Sheriff Valenti knocked on the open front door. He ventured in and Kyle followed behind him.

"Is everything all right in here?"

All heads suddenly turned towards the bedroom when they heard the strangled sound of a low pitched howl coming from down the hall.

"Oh my God! Max!" Mrs. Evans shouted.

Max panted heavily from his orgasm and continued to spurt fluid into the millstone weighing down on his gut.

"What do you mean --" he gasped.

"I faked it. I made the test come out positive."

"So -- you weren't -- pregnant?"

"No. But I am now!"

"How --" That can't be my mom shouting my name, Max thought. "How do you know?"

"I know! You know too." She lifted his hand up and rested it flat against her tummy, just above the pubic bone.

Oh crap! It was true!

The bedroom door opened and the light from the hall came in as a shaft, illuminating all the people standing in the doorway.

They stood aghast for several seconds. Tess, her perfect, nude body glistening with sweat, sat atop Max, bare ass naked and obviously spent.

Mrs. Evans pushed past the others, shouting his name. "Max, honey. Are you all right! Oh Sweet Jesus!"

"Mmmm…" Tess purred. "He's more than all right -- Mom!" A delicious smile crept across her face. She looked at Isabel who beamed satisfaction back at her. Max looked at Tess, then at his sister.

"You did this! You did this to me!" He shouted at Isabel.

Everyone pulled back from the door and Alex delicately pulled it closed, so relieved he thought he was going to cry in front of the others. Valenti took Mr. Evans aside and put a conciliatory hand on his shoulder.

"Let me know if there's anythng I can do."

"There's really only one thing to do, I guess. We're her family now."

"Well, I can always serve as a Justice of the Peace if you need me to."

Mr. Evans looked at him gratefully.

"Thanks, Jim. You're a good man." he said.

That was Day Four.


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