Welcome to the Club

Author: Debbie
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. They all belong to Melinda Metz, et al.
Dedication: To Bennie who, after laughing at my description of femslash writing as "floaty", asked when someone was going to write a fic where Liz and Tess join the Mile High Club. Ta-Dah! Inspiration strikes again. ;-) (And thanks, as always, for being a great Beta-reader.)
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It was truly amazing how long a flight could last.

Tess tried in vain to stretch her legs in the cramped space and sighed. Considering how squished she felt, she wondered how taller people survived at all. She wriggled an arm out from underneath the airline blanket she had thrown over herself and checked her watch again. Damn -- Only 10 minutes had passed since the last time she checked. Three and a half hours still to go. Tess sighed again.

"Time isn't going to go faster just because you keep checking your watch, you know."

Tess looked over at the dark-haired girl next to her. "I thought you were sleeping."

Liz opened her eyes and looked over. "Well, I would be, if I wasn't listening to you give these big, dramatic sighs every 47 seconds."

Tess looked chagrined. "Sorry. I didn't realize I was doing that so much."

A chuckle. "Who would have thought that someone from space would hate to fly so much?"

Tess gave a small shrug. "A plane is just different, I guess. I don't know."

"You want to know what I think?" Liz leaned in as if to whisper her next statement and Tess turned her head so that she could hear whatever it was Liz wanted to say. But it wasn't words that Liz wanted to share. The next thing Tess knew, Liz had darted her tongue against her earlobe, startling her -- and sending a little jolt of warmth through her body.

"Liz! There are people watching!"

"They're not watching, they're sleeping. And it's dark. And besides, it made you forget flying for a few seconds, didn't it?"

"Well, yes, but..."

"So, what's the problem?"

Tess shook her curly head and smiled. "Liz, you never cease to amaze me. When I met you, you seemed so quiet and innocent. Did Max know how much of a sex fiend you are?"

Liz shook her head and grinned saucily. "No. I wasn't that way with him at all -- it's you. There's just something about you that brings it out in me. Maybe it's your lips, or the way your breasts fill my hands perfectly, or the way your body fits so well against mine ..."

Tess rolled her eyes. "I get it, I get it. Must you analyze everything, Miss Scientist?" Then she smiled. "You're a nut, but I love you anyway. I wouldn't get on a plane for just anyone, you know."

Liz looked over at Tess slyly. "So, how about a little distraction, to make the time go by faster? Ever heard of the Mile High Club?" She snaked a hand under the airline blanket to caress Tess's thigh and leaned in to nibble on her ear again.

Tess gasped in response to the physical sensations. "You certainly are ... persuasive."

"Mmmm. Must be why I won the debate tournament in 9th grade." The hand under the blanket started tugging up Tess's shirt.

"Must be." She noticed that Liz had returned to sitting back upright in her own seat, eyes closed. It looked for all the world as if she'd gone back to sleep, except her hand stayed under the blankets and continued its wandering caresses over Tess's body. Tess was about to lean back and give in completely to Liz's ministrations when a thought occurred to her. With a touch of her own hand she stilled Liz's fingers. "Hang on a second." Reaching over, Tess adjusted Liz's own blanket so it came up higher over her body, covering Liz almost completely. Tess winked. "Only seems fair, don't you think?"

Liz grinned in response before resuming her "innocent sleep" pose again. Underneath the blankets however, things were far from innocent. Slowly, teasingly, Liz's fingers traced a trail over Tess's exposed stomach. Tess found the gently ticklish sensation unexpectedly arousing and fought to keep from squirming. She tried to caress Liz's breasts in response, but found the angle too awkward. Instead, she resorted to mimicking Liz's actions, remembering from past experience that Liz tended to do things that she herself enjoyed.

Fingers wandered lower, caressing the skin near the top edges of jeans before dipping down just inside to trace a line just beneath. When the denim proved too restrictive, slow, furtive movements caused buttons to be undone, zippers pulled down, exposing more skin and the thin, soft material of panties. Cotton for one girl, silk for the other. The dance was repeated -- teasing along the rim, then, when that was no longer enough, sliding underneath the material to caress springy curls.

Breathing became more ragged as both girls fought to keep an outwardly normal appearance. The fingers continued their downward journey, encountering the wet heat beneath the curls and then ... and then ... their breath quietly catching ... and then finding the small nub concealed within the moist folds. Circles. Around and around and around. Little gestures so as not to ruffle the disguising blankets. A finger encountered the hidden entrance, delving inside to stroke secret spots within. Over and over the two gestures were repeated, circle and thrust, circle and thrust. Over and over and over. Climbing, climbing, flying high...

Breathing stops.

Long exhale.

Tess opened her eyes to find Liz looking at her. Her wide smile echoed the one on the other girl's face.

"Welcome to the Club," Liz whispered with a grin.

"You too." Tess looked around and noticed that, as predicted, everyone around them was still snoring away. Suddenly she yawned. "You know, don't take this the wrong way, but I think your distraction worked too well - I could actually fall asleep right here."

A chuckle. "No offense taken."

Feeling sated and relaxed, Tess leaned her head on Liz's shoulder and closed her eyes, allowing sleep to overtake her.


"Tess? Tess?" Someone was shaking her lightly.


"I'm sorry to wake you, but they're serving breakfast soon. Do you want some?"

Tess opened her eyes to see Max looking at her questioningly. She stretched. "What time is it?"

"We've got about an hour left before we get in to Albuquerque."


"Yeah. I'm sorry Tess ... I didn't realize how much you disliked flying or I would have suggested driving back from New York instead."

"No, it's okay. I think I'll skip breakfast, though, and just go back to sleep. That'll make the time pass quicker for me."

She closed her eyes again and smiled to herself. Besides. Dreaming of Liz is a more entertaining distraction.


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