Author: Bennie
Rating: NC-17
Character Focus: Liz/Michael/Tess
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell. No household goods or appliances were harmed during the making of this story.
Author's Note: This is a sequel to ‘Ships in the Night. That’s right – the slumber party! So I say it’s time to lose those inhibitions and have a little fun.

This fic won the 2001 Roswellian Choice Award for Best NC-17 Fanfiction

“Will you *look* at those melons?” Liz asked, shaking her head in disbelief.

Tess looked at her. “What, you think they´re too big or something? They don´t work for you?”

“No,” Liz protested lamely. “I think they´re fine. I guess I just think someone should have realized how big they were to begin with, is all. I mean, of *course* they´re going to be a lot to handle -- it shouldn´t be such a surprise!”

Tess interrupted her little rant. “You always overthink things. Just, you know, *embrace* the melons,” she advised. “It makes the whole thing that much easier to accept. And they work, really they do. Just watch.”

There was silence for a minute.

“See, it all works,” Maria said. “It´s all according to plan. Besides, it´s just a diversion. Here comes the good stuff ...” she closed her eyes and moaned. “Ooooh, *baby*!”

Isabel grinned. “You like that, do you?” she asked, eyebrows raised in amusement.

“What, like you don´t?” Liz snorted.

Tess grinned. “I know I do,” she said exaggeratedly in a low, smoky voice, and the other girls laughed when Liz shoved her good-naturedly.

“Pay attention!” Liz ordered sternly, but she was smiling. “This is important.”

Tess looked over and her eyes widened. “Oh, *yeah*!”

Afterwards, Maria moaned again. “Oh, that is *so* good. I just love that. No matter how many times, it´s just ... oh.”

“Haven´t you had enough yet?”

The four girls turned at the sound of a male voice.

“Hi, Max,” they chorused.

Maria snickered. “You can *never* get enough!” and the others nodded good-naturedly before pulling themselves up off the sleeping bags.

“No, no, don´t get up,” he said, pretending alarm. “I wouldn´t dream of interrupting this. I value my life too much!”

“Hey, are you knocking our choice of entertainment this fine evening?” Maria goaded him, knowing that he knew he was treading on dangerous ground.

“No!” he protested. “I liked it too ... the first time. But,” and his eyes pleaded for understanding ...

“How many times can you watch Dirty Dancing anyway?”

Gasping at such blasphemy, the girls pelted him with cushions as he ducked back, grinning at an outraged Maria.

“It´s a classic, Max! A classic!” Maria glared darkly while the other girls held her back and laughed.

“Don´t mind him,” Tess assured her. “It was a *great* housewarming gift, Maria” and a now beaming Maria sat back down ... and stuck her tongue out at the intruder who looked away, a smile playing about his lips.

“So why are you here?” Liz asked, and blushed as he looked at her warmly. Feeling slightly embarrassed, she realized that her dishevelled pyjama top – basically a piece of flimsy material tied in back -- *was* a little revealing.

“Max?” Tess tried to get his attention, smiling a little herself. Liz´s top hadn´t exactly escaped her notice either. “Not that you´re not welcome – well, actually, you aren´t. Girls´ Night, remember?”

“Yeah, I know,” he apologized. “Iz,” he said glumly, “I´m here to take you home. We´re grounded.”

“What?” Isabel demanded, instantly irate. “Why?”

“Mom got a call from the principal today,” he explained, and she gasped. As the others looked at her, she ducked her head and gathered her belongings with uncharacteristic haste.

“Isabel? What happened?” Tess asked curiously. “Why are you in trouble?”

“Oh, I, uh, got caught skipping class, that´s all,” the tall blond girl answered nervously. “Bye guys, see you tomorrow!” she continued quickly then bolted out the door before anyone could ask any more.

“Max?” Maria asked, bewildered. He shook his head.

“I don´t know. All I know is that after Mom hung up, she turned around and said I should come get Izzy because she´s grounded. Indefinitely. And then she said I was, too.”

He sighed miserably. “And I didn´t even do anything!” he complained.

The sound of Liz giggling drew three sets of eyes to her. “Liz?” Max asked, confused.

She just smiled and stood on tip-toe to peck him on the cheek. “It´s nothing, Max. I was just remembering the last time we were grounded.” And then he smiled too.

“The night out in the desert.” She nodded and he grew thoughtful. “I wonder what happened to make Mom ground us now.”

Maria had just opened her mouth to suggest something when her cell phone rang. Rolling her eyes, she answered it with a smile but her face fell as she listened to the voice on the other end.

“Okay,” she said once, and cut the connection. Looking up, she explained: “That was my mom, guys. I have to go home too.”

“Why?” Liz asked, concerned. “What´s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing bad,” Maria assured her. “Well, nothing like that. It´s just ... Mom somehow got the idea I planned to be with Michael tonight, and her paranoid, protective side just kicked in.” Sighing, she stood and stretched.

“I guess I´ll see you guys tomorrow.” And she grabbed her stuff headed for the door.

Max held the door for Maria, and they left together, their voices echoing back as they laughed companionably about something.

Liz managed to wait until Tess pulled the door shut before collapsing onto a chair in laughter herself.

“Okay, give! What do you know?” Tess demanded gleefully, eyes bright. She sat on the couch, leaning over the armrest in anticipation.

Liz looked up to find Tess´s face mere inches from her own. “Don´t tell, okay?” she started, in a low, conspiratorial tone. “ But I went by Kyle´s today, and he´s grounded too. And he told me why.”


Liz grinned.

“This afternoon, while Alex was setting up the sound system for an assembly, Isabel went backstage to keep him company. Well, Kyle saw them making out and switched the microphones on,” she whispered dramatically as Tess leaned in. “The principal was in the auditorium. He heard everything!”

Tess´s eyes were large and round. “*Everything?*”

“Everything! Apparently,” she giggled, “they have little pet names for each other!”

They looked at each other for a moment. Then Tess fluttered her eyelashes flirtatiously. “Oh, Alex, I loooove you!” she cried out, clutching hands to her chest. “My widdle snuggle-bunny!”

Liz screamed in laughter. Letting her jaw drop, she made a show of ogling Tess and sighing breathily. “Izzy-bell! I loooove you too! My itty-bitty-wumple-wuv-goddess!”

A dry, masculine chuckle wafted down from somewhere high above them, and both girls craned their necks to catch the greatly amused gaze of one Michael Guerin.

Liz grinned merrily. “Hey, Michael! What are you doing here? We didn´t hear you come in!”

“Hey!” Tess chimed in, and patted the space next to her in invitation. Michael grinned and vaulted over the couch, knocking several cushions off as he landed right in the centre of the seat. Liz dragged the chair she was sitting on in front of the couch, and the three sat looking at each other curiously.

“Where´s Maria?” Michael asked casually.

“Oh, she was here, but her mother called because -” and Tess broke off, studying the way his face reddened ever-so-slightly. Exchanging glances with Liz, she asked, “Michael, were you really planning on sneaking out of here tonight with Maria?”

He just looked at her, then at Liz, and smirked when they laughed.

“How did Ms. De Luca know?” Liz asked curiously.

Now Michael did flush noticeably, and he studied the design on Tess´s coffee table.

“Michael!” Tess urged. “What happened?”

“She came over to talk to me,” he mumbled. “Asking where I saw me and Maria in five years, that sort of thing.” Exhaling, he rubbed the heel of one hand against the side of his face. “She walked in on me setting up.”

“Setting up?” Liz inquired with a smile.

“You know, candles and stuff.”

“Oh, Michael, that´s so *sweet*!” Tess grinned. “How romantic.”

“Yeah, I guess that´s what her mother thought too,” he grinned back, thinking of the “stuff” he wasn´t mentioning ... like the satin sheets and bubble bath left out on the counter. Hey, there were entire articles written about this stuff, and he´d done his research. “She took one look around, grabbed a newspaper and started whacking me, screaming about – well, about, you know.” And now he rubbed the back of his head where he was *sure* he could feel a bump forming. That lady had an arm on her.

He looked up suddenly. “Where´s Isabel?”

“She, uh, had to go home too,” Tess said, darting a quick smile in Liz´s direction.

“Yeah, her parents wanted to have a family night,” Liz finished quickly, with a warning glance at Tess. Apparently he hadn´t heard everything they´d said earlier, and since he hadn´t, she didn´t want Michael to find out about the afternoon´s activities from them. It had something to do with liking Alex alive.

Michael didn´t notice. His mind was somewhere else.

“So ... we´re here alone?” he asked, slowly. Neutrally.

Liz tore her eyes away from Tess to look into his.

“Yup,” she said, evenly. “You want to hang out with us for a while?” Tess just cocked her head and waited for his response.

This was the first time since she´d moved in that the three of them had been alone together. There was always someone else around, helping her move furniture or redecorate the walls or just do homework. Or else either Michael or Liz would be at work. But now, now everyone was busy elsewhere. No one was going to just stop in. It was just the three of them.

And suddenly the air seemed electric, alive with possibility.

Solemnly, Michael nodded. He knew what she was asking.

“What” he started, pausing to lick dry lips; “what are we going to do?”

Liz frowned. It didn´t feel natural. They needed something to calm them down, to regain that feeling of comfort and companionship they´d achieved the last time they were together. Her eyes lit on the television, and she smiled.

“We´re watching a movie,” she said lightly, and felt relieved when Tess smiled in agreement. Pushing her chair out of the way, Liz stood, retrieved the remote control and sat down on the other side of Michael, pressing the rewind button.

“What are we watching?” he asked.

Liz and Tess looked at each other around him and smiled mischievously. The tape stopped rewinding and Liz pressed play.

Turning back and forth, Michael saw the 'look', and his heart sank.

“Oh, no,” he said grimly, and lunged for the remote from Liz´s hand.

“Oh, yes!” she responded firmly, and held it up in the air, just out of his reach as Tess rose up on her knees to grab Michael in a headlock from behind. Liz swivelled and managed to get her legs between them, bracing her feet against his midsection.

Giggling at the desperate look on Michael´s face as he strained to reach for the prize in her hand, Liz smiled coyly. “What´s the matter, Michael? Afraid?”

Michael froze. “What do you mean?” he asked.

Peering over his shoulder into Liz´s eyes, Tess whispered into Michael´s ear. “C´mon, Michael, there´s nothing sexier than dancing.”

He looked speculatively at the nodding brunette before him and thought about the interesting softness pressing against his back.

And then he turned to watch the shadowy figures writhing about on the screen.

“Dirty” dancing. Maybe it would be worth his while to pay attention.

He held up his arms in mock surrender.

“If that is what you want to watch,” he said with the noble and tragic air of a martyr, “then watch it we will.” And he settled back against the cushions, the girls snuggling against him on either side.

“We appreciate the sacrifice,” Liz snorted, and then rested her head on his arm.

They watched silently for some time, until the watermelon scene.

“A bit clumsy, isn´t he?” Tess laughed, and Liz shook her head in mock disgust. “I tell you, they´re too much for him to handle!” she said righteously. Tess just snickered.

“Shh!” Michael interrupted them, ignoring their amused looks. “They´re going in.”

Then they were watching the ‘employees´ dancing, really dancing, and the two girls looked at each other across Michael´s chest. He didn´t notice; in fact, the merest hint of a smile lifted the corners of his mouth as he watched the figures onscreen moving around – and on top, and underneath – each other with great interest.

Liz wiggled her eyebrows, and Tess shook her head imperceptively. *You* she mouthed. Liz bit her lip, then rolled her eyes to show she was trying to calculate the best way of ... then Michael spoke.

“Man! That – I mean, what was that? Stupid move. Geez, I could do better than *that*!”

Liz closed her eyes with a blissful prayer of thanks to whatever divine creature had just passed their way, and then said, softly but firmly:

“I think you could, too.”

Tess took her cue. “Yeah,” she agreed, her warm breath tickling the side of Michael´s neck as she looked up at him. “Without a doubt.”

Michael reacted immediately. Shrugging out from underneath the two girls, he stood up and turned to see them kind of ... falling against each other, Liz´s head descending slowly off of Tess´s shoulder and not-quite-nuzzling the softness below. Tess looked surprised but pleased, and one hand reached out to stroke Liz´s thick, shiny hair. They turned towards Michael, and he shivered.

Both of them were looking at him like ... like they wanted to eat him up. Slowly.

He gulped and felt an urge to flee. He wanted to escape, to run to Maria, but he wanted this more.

As if from a distance, he heard himself say: “Well, it doesn´t look that hard” and closed his eyes briefly so he couldn´t see their eyes dip downwards.

Then Liz giggled, leaping off the couch and launching herself into Michael´s arms. “It isn´t! Let me show you!” and she tugged him over to a clear spot on the floor while Tess stopped the movie, cued up some music and dimmed the lights.

On the floor Liz began moving, patiently showing Michael where to put his hands and place his feet so he wouldn´t step on hers.

He moved, but a little clumsily, not really understanding what to do. And he stepped on her feet.

Suddenly Tess was between them. “Here, let us show you,” she said, and Michael dropped back, happy to watch the two of them move together.

Smiling mysteriously, Liz flipped her hair over one shoulder and struck a pose.

Tess circled silently around her still figure, finally coming to a graceful halt before her, placing one hand on Liz´s shoulder, the other around her waist.

They froze, creating a striking tableau of contrasts, of dark and fair, of sleek and soft.

The world about them dwindled and faded, until only the heat of Michael´s intense gaze and the music surrounded them.

They counted off four beats, silently.

Suddenly they looked away from each other, immediately whipping their heads back and then they were face-to-face and palm-against-palm, expressions serious and eyes deep with intent. Hair swirled and then settled upon shoulders.

Without losing eye contact, they began to dance, measured steps that had them twisting opposite each other, shoulders and hips swivelling in sync, feet moving swiftly over the hardwood floor.

The music intensified, harmony melding with and breaking away from melody. Their steps growing more complicated, their rigid arms keeping them in formation. In a flurry of crescendos and flourishes, the music reached a climax, and so did their dance.

As the last note echoed throughout the room, their precise movements ceased and there was silence as they resumed their tableau stance, the only sound their short bursts of heated breath.

Michael just watched in awe. “I had no idea ...” he said thickly, eyes darkening, hands clenched.

Liz smiled and curtseyed. “It only took two weeks of practising,” she told him.

Then Tess said, wistfully, “I bet I could do a lift ...” and she looked meaningfully at Michael, “if I had someone strong to ...” and slowly, she licked her bottom lip before whispering: “catch me.”

He watched, mesmerized.

“*You* catch her, Michael,” Liz said, as if inspired. Tess smiled then, and Liz pulled Michael over to stand a distance away from the small blonde.

He waited, knowing what was going to happen. He watched her start moving towards him, picking up speed and then launching herself into the air.

Michael caught her neatly about the waist and held her up easily, lofting her trim body over his head. After a moment he lowered her gently to the floor and they just stood there for a moment, looking at each other in wonder.

“Thank you,” she said softly, and he nodded.

Across the room Liz let out the breath she´d been holding. In the dim light, backlit by a lamp on the far wall, Tess had looked like an angel, an angel in flight.

“Can I ...” and she had to stop and moisten dry lips before continuing. “Can I fly too?”

They both looked at her, bemused smiles on their faces. They knew what she meant.

“I want to see you fly,” Tess said, and backed away a little from Michael. He just shrugged and turned to Liz, arms open in a “come here” gesture.

She smiled, gauged the distance, and then leapt, soaring through the air, helped along by two strong hands about her midsection ... coming to a slow halt over him.

Except for her pyjama top. The flimsy strap that held it to her loosened and it kept going, momentum carrying it over and past her head.

Michael gaped as he looked up to see her naked breasts just inches above his face. And then moving closer, as his arms wobbled and his legs collapsed beneath him, until he was on his back on the cool floor, face buried in Liz Parker´s soft flesh.

Tess gaped at her two friends, eyes wide. Michael wasn´t saying anything. Liz wasn´t moving. She ran over, and lifted Liz´s head to look into her face.

“Liz! Liz! Say something!” she pleaded. Liz´s eyes focussed on her friend and then narrowed.

“Why am I the one who always loses her shirt?”

Tess gasped, and fell back onto the floor next to her friends, shrieking in laughter. Underneath Liz, Michael began shaking, and she managed to roll off to find him red-faced and laughing hysterically.

Sitting back, she watched the two of them writhe about on the floor, occasionally catching each other´s eyes and howling in mirth. At her. She looked at them both, speculatively, and then at her shirt on the floor. And instead of retrieving it, she smiled and crawled over to the two.

“You know,” she started in a companionable tone, catching their attention. The chuckles died down and they both turned to her, surprised but not unpleased to see her still topless. She could feel their eyes on her, felt her skin redden under their appreciative gaze, and continued.

“You know,” she repeated, “I don´t think it´s quite fair to leave it at this. I mean, we all know who has the really nice breasts around here,” and both she and Michael turned towards Tess, who blushed under their scrutiny.

“I wouldn´t know,” Michael said. “But I´d like to.” And exchanging a mischievous glance with Liz, he rose and they both descended upon Tess, tickling her as she giggled and shrieked frantically, but didn´t fight them off too hard. Neither found themselves pushed away or, for that matter, propelled across the room, as they wrestled for possession of the shirt.

And then Liz gasped; she had been kidding before; she really had had no idea what Tess´s breasts would look like. But these ... without thinking, she reached out and caress the top of one, gently stroking the pale flesh and skimming over the textured skin in the centre.

Michael found the other, and marvelled at how it fit perfectly into the curve of his palm, at how responsive her nipple was to his touch. To *their* touch, and he looked across to watch Liz and enjoy the look of wonder on her face that probably matched his own.

He also enjoyed the sight of her small, perfect breasts bobbing as she moved, her own brown nipples hardening noticeably as she manipulated Tess´s pink flesh.

Tess was in heaven. Oh god, the feel of the two of them touching her ... she couldn´t speak, couldn´t formulate a coherent thought, couldn´t move. All she could do was arch her back, willing them to continue their delicious, sensuous attack.

Then her eyes focussed on the people before her, warmed by the looks of appreciation on their faces, shivering at the sight of Liz so close ... and of her own small hand, reaching out to touch soft flesh too.

But there was something missing. She turned her head to see Michael watching the two of them, utterly bewitched. “Michael,” she breathed, and he met her gaze.

And slowly, he raised his arms to pull off his own shirt.

He moved in and suddenly they were no longer separate but complete, as hands and mouths explored flesh both familiar and mysterious. It was a new dance, intricate and spontaneous, exciting and humbling. Together the three of them moved, feeling a sense of loss whenever one of them broke away to watch the other two, and regaining that spark of electricity when they came back into contact.

Then a thought crossed Liz´s mind, and she giggled. Tousled and bemused, Michael and Tess looked at each other and then at her, smiling.

“What is it, Liz?” Tess asked, curiously.

“Do you guys remember the conversation we were having the last time?” And they nodded, smiles widening as they each remembered how it ended.

“Well, after I got home that night, I thought of another question.”

Michael looked at her. Suddenly he had one too.

“Trade?” he asked, looking back and forth between the nodding girls.

“You first,” Liz offered. He didn´t waste the opportunity.

“Fruit,” he said.

“Fruit?” Tess echoed.

“Yeah, fruit. Is it sexy or something?” he asked, perplexed.

Liz thought she understood. “You mean, when people play with it and, uh, each other?” He nodded.

She thought about it for a moment, thinking of strawberries. But no, by themselves they weren´t exactly ‘sexy´, not really. “What kind of fruit?” she asked thoughtfully.

Tess jumped up and pulled them to their feet. When she noticed their confusion, she explained: “I keep most of my fruit in the fridge.”

They followed her into the kitchen.

Opening the refrigerator door, Tess pulled out several types of fruit and placed them on the counter for perusal.

Michael´s eye lit immediately on a ripe, perfectly round navel orange, and he hefted it in one hand with a smirk before cutting it cleanly in half.

Liz eyed a half-watermelon with amusement but chose a plate of pineapple rings, quietly setting it aside.

Tess studied each item on her counter, biting her lip, and then looked up. “Does it have to be fruit?” she asked.

Michael considered, then shook his head. “As long as it´s some kind of food.”

She turned to pull out a pressurized can of whipped cream, smiling at their stunned reactions.

“Everyone ready?” she asked sweetly. “Then let´s move this to the other room.”


Liz couldn´t help it. She bit her lip but giggled uncontrollably as Michael leaned over her, squeezing half of an orange so that the juice ran down over and between her breasts, and then squirmed as it pooled over her belly. She didn´t speak, not even when tiny rivulets of cool liquid made their down, way down, under her waistline.

“Stop moving!” he commanded, but he couldn´t hide his amusement. Then, having wrung every drop out of the succulent fruit, he waited until he had both their attention before waggling his eyebrows suggestively. “You want go first?” he asked Tess, but she shook her head.

“How about a little competition?” she proposed. “The one who … recovers … the most juice wins.”

“Wins what?” he countered.

Liz interrupted. “They get to choose the, uh, ‘next event´.”

Michael didn´t waste a second, “On your mark, get set, GO!”

And both Michael and Tess descended upon Liz, lapping and sucking at the sticky juice on her skin. She fought to keep her arms down, wanting desperately to reach out and grasp both heads of soft, wavy hair and hold them to her.

She had relived their time in the elevator many times, remembering the feel of their mouths on her over and over again in sensuous detail, but this time she could see them, the pink of their tongues, the intensity in their eyes, the way their muscles moved as lips opened, parted and released a wet warmth that made her shiver and shudder helplessly.

She strove to absorb every sensation, to memorize every moment of pleasure.

Then Michael was moving upwards, exploring the skin along her throat and chin line – dry skin, her mind noted wryly, but she was beyond caring – before hovering over her lips to nibble and press sticky lips against her own. She sighed, allowing him access to her mouth, feeling his tongue on hers, and then kissing him back, sucking on his tangy tongue while he allowed her access in turn.

Tess took the opportunity to kiss the tip of each pebbly nipple and then follow the trail of wetness from sternum to belly button, licking Liz´s trim tummy in playful spirals. She chuckled to feel muscles jump and quiver at her touch, but didn´t stop. Instead, her strokes slowed and became languorous forays into every dip and swell under Liz´s ribcage. At one point Tess thrust the tip of her tongue into her navel, enjoying the way the shallow depression of skin undulated under her ministrations. Panting, she rested her cheek against Liz´s warmth for a moment, and felt rather than heard her moan.

It was a very satisfying feeling, to know she could elicit such a response.

Smiling, she worked her way back up Liz´s side, catching stray drips of sweetness on her way back to one pert breast, laving one hardened peak even as Michael traced his way back down Liz´s throat and collarbone to find his way back to where he began.

Finally Liz groaned and lifted their faces, meeting first Michael and then Tess in a deep, searching kiss. Sighing, she pulled them to rest at her side, caressing hair and skin as she brought herself under control.

“Who won?” she asked with a quiet smile.

Michael and Tess looked at each other across Liz.

“I did!” each claimed. Liz laughed and just held them to her.

“I think I came out the winner in that one, myself,” she said a trifle smugly, and they had to laugh.

“So what do you propose?” Tess asked.

“Well,” Liz said thoughtfully. “I have to say, Tess, that you chose a very interesting food item. One with great possibilities.”

“Oh? Tess asked innocently. “I just thought it would be fun to make sundaes later.”

Michael and Liz stared at her for a moment, but she couldn´t keep her straight face and they laughed with her.

“I knew you were kidding,” Michael said arrogantly, earning himself two contemptuous looks and one cushion over the head.

“You know,” Liz said meaningfully, “that actually isn´t too far off from what I was going to suggest.”

“Huh?” Tess said, somewhat confused.

Liz just reached over and grabbed the can. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the rapt way Michael watched her shake it in a smooth up and down motion and, grinning mischievously, proceeded to shake it thoroughly indeed. Finally she brought it to her lips and removed the cap with her teeth, pretending not to notice his sharp intake of breath.

And then his gulp, as she leant over Tess to coat her full, pale breasts in swirls of white foam, leaving only their rosy tips bare.

Liz sat back to admire her work, but found herself staring into Tess´s wide eyes instead.

“Ooh, that feels … that feels …” Tess tried to explain, but Michael interrupted her with a grin.

“It really does look like a sundae,” he teased. “Even down to the cherries on top,” and he leant over to lick one ‘cherry´ with his tongue, carefully, so as not to smear the cream.

Tess giggled; she couldn´t help it. He looked so smug, so … self-satisfied at his little joke. “You know, Michael,” she said, head tilted coyly to one side, “I never really pictured you as a ‘sundae´ kind of guy.”

“Oh, really?” he asked. “And what do you think could possibly top this?” he asked archly, eyebrows raised suggestively. But before she could respond, Liz jumped up, drawing their attention.

“I know!” she crowed. Years of waitressing had finally come in handy.

“What?” he asked, honestly curious.

Instead of answering, Liz disappeared briefly into the kitchen. Tess and Michael looked at each other and shrugged. He leaned over for a quick kiss while they waited.

It wasn´t long. In a moment Liz emerged, one hand behind her back and the other over her mouth to stifle her laughter.

“So what are we making?” Michael asked.

If possible, Liz smiled even brighter and pulled her hand from behind her back.

“A banana split,” she proclaimed, peeling the long fruit quickly and efficiently, eyes bright with anticipation. Tess blushed prettily when Liz turned to her, studying her assets and clearly contemplating how best to use the materials at hand.

Michael just watched in stunned amazement as Liz straddled the other girl´s thighs and promptly found a secure placement for the banana between cream-covered mounds. Once satisfied, she leaned forward to stretch along Tess´s tummy, propping her elbows on the floor so her hands were free to hold Tess´s generous breasts together. Deliberately she allowed her hands to slide about in the cream dripping down their sides, using the pressure of her palms to support their soft flesh with a gentle but firm cupping motion.

Meeting Tess´s wide eyes, she ducked her head to nibble on one end of the soft fruit, soon taking larger amounts of it and whipped topping into her mouth in slow, measured movements.

The banana butted into Tess´s chin and instinctively the blonde girl leaned forward slightly to take the other end into her mouth, using her tongue to lift and pull it in.

Michael groaned as he saw their cheeks bulge slightly.

Bite by bite, Liz used her knees on either side of Tess´s thighs to snake her way upwards, maintaining the fullest bodily contact possible and enjoying the way her sensitive nipples rubbed against Tess´s belly. Tess could feel the muscles of the other girl´s throat ripple as Liz swallowed, and gulped her own section of fruit expectantly.

Finally Liz ended the torture and, hands running outwards along outspread arms, pressed herself into Tess´s softness. The slippery cream created a delightful friction as breast encountered breast and lips met in a long, deep kiss, tasting of banana and cream and each other.

Michael had never seen anything so erotic in his life. He refused to blink, unwilling to miss even a second of their performance. His pants, which until moments ago would have been best described as ‘roomy´, suddenly felt painfully tight and he shifted uncomfortably, trying not to disturb either girl´s concentration. He was only partially successful.

With one last nip Liz raised her head, and her tongue darted to moisten puffy, swollen lips. “Michael,” she breathed, and he almost lost it then and there.

He had to clear his throat before he could respond. “Yes?” he said, weakly.

“You´re missing out on dessert,” she said.

He smiled crookedly, trying desperately to maintain some semblance of control. “Oh, I don´t know, I can´t say I´ve ever enjoyed a banana split more. Besides,” he added, “it´s not like you left me any …”

Liz looked down and realized that there was in fact very little cream remaining on Tess. “Oh,” she said, and retrieved the spray can from where she´d abandoned it earlier. Turning, she proffered it to Michael with a bright smile.

“Would you like another banana, too?”

He pretended to think about it. “Nah,” he said. “This will do just fine,” he decided, and shook the can quickly. On his knees, he covered Tess in great swirls and loops of fluffy white; it might not have been as neat as Liz´s job, but it was thorough. He rocked back, admiring his work, adding just a touch more cream in one or two places.

Liz eyes lit up in appreciation, and he grinned.

Then Tess turned to him, and his caught his breath at her dreamy look of intoxication.

“Hungry, Michael?” she asked in sultry appeal, eyes sparkling and skin flushed invitingly. He nodded mutely, unable to do anything but stare for a moment.

Liz took advantage of his hesitation to swipe a little more cream herself, licking it off her fingers as Michael watched. He squirmed helplessly, knowing that both girls could see his arousal but beyond caring.

“That´s an awful lot of cream,” Liz teased him. “And no spoon. Whatever will you do?”

Michael looked at her. “Just … dive in?” he suggested, as Tess closed her eyes and leaned back, taking deep breaths in an effort to calm herself – although it had precisely the opposite effect on those around her.

“Good plan!” Liz hurriedly commended his efforts, and decided that she could watch another time. “I think I´ll join you.” She wanted to feel the three of them in physical contact again.

Tess had only a moment to wish for chocolate syrup, and then they were upon her, and she couldn´t think anymore.


“Well, that was fun,” Michael said, playfully licking a stray drop of whipped cream off the corner of Liz´s mouth. She just grunted in response while Tess sighed. She felt achy. Pleasantly achy. All over. Liz and Michael had ended up covered in cream as well, and had needed to be … cleaned … accordingly.

“Yeah, it certainly was,” she agreed, then her mouth quirked slightly. “But we´re not done yet.”

“What do you mean?” Michael said. It was getting kind of late and he was trying to think of a persuasive way to suggest that the three of them retire to Tess´s bed for the night … together. His mind nearly blanked at the thought of cuddling with both of them simultaneously, and he vowed to find a dignified way to call ‘middle spot´ when the time came.

Tess pouted. “But I have some ideas about what to do with those pineapple rings.”

Michael cocked his head to one side, deciding whether or not to concede. He really was curious about those “ideas”.

Intrigued, Liz leaned over so that Tess could whisper in her ear. Eyes sparkling gleefully, she nodded, confirming Tess´s suspicion. “Yeah, that was my idea too,” she said, sneaking looks at Michael, who just looked dubious and a little impatient.

“What idea?” he asked, pulling the plate over and studying the contents. The girls smirked at his sudden intake of breath and met his stare without flinching.

“Oh,” he said, and tried not to pass out. “S-so,” he stuttered slightly. “What do I do?”

Tess grinned. “Nothing. It´s our turn to have a little fun.”

He nodded and leaned back, grabbing a sofa cushion for neck support and reminding himself to breath.

Liz carefully removed plastic wrap from the plate, pausing only to lick some juice off her finger. Michael ached to taste her too this time, but Tess beat him to it, first sucking Liz´s entire finger into her mouth and then easing it out, slowly pumping it in-and-out before releasing it with a slight popping sound.

Liz looked at her finger, trying to absorb how such a simple maneuver provided such pleasure, then leaned over to kiss Tess quickly on the lips before both girls turned to Michael, who was flushed and obviously excited by their demonstration.

“Well, that´ll make things easier,” Tess commented dryly, and bit her lip to keep from laughing as part of Michael´s anatomy – already alert – twitched noticeably under the cotton of his pants.

Impatiently Michael lowered one hand to the closure below his navel, but Liz stopped him after he opened the top button. “Let me,” she said, and his hand dropped to his side, clenching in anticipation.

Tess sat back to watch her work. Liz efficiently unzipped and then pulled Michael´s pants down around his knees … and then left them there, smirking mischievously at the look on his face when he realized that she had him trapped and at her mercy, unable to move his legs apart. But he didn´t say anything, just waited. He knew what was coming next, and wanted to get it over with.

Both girls began laughing hysterically when they saw his underwear. His rather prominently tented boxers were of some silky navy material … sporting an army of grinning green aliens announcing: “The probe is ready! Are you?”

Michael just laid back and waited, reflecting on the way female flesh jiggled and bounced rather enticingly without any material to restrain it. The tent, he knew, was in no danger of falling.

Finally Liz calmed somewhat and, straddling Michael´s knees, hooked her fingers around the elastic waistband while a snickering Tess kneeled beside her, fruit-laden plate at the ready.

All laughter died down, however, when Michael´s erection sprang free of the silky material.

“Wow,” Tess said solemnly.

“Yeah,” Liz agreed.

“What?” Michael panicked, and looked down. It looked exactly as it did this morning, when he – well, it just did. Was something wrong with it?

Catching his anxious expression, Liz chuckled and reassured him. “It´s nothing, Michael. We´ve just never seen one before, that´s all. Right Tess?” The other girl nodded.

“Can I?” Tess asked, and when Michael nodded, she reached out her free hand to touch the tip, rubbing the fluid she found there and giggling nervously when it twitched in response.

“Please,” Michael managed to say, then closed his eyes and tried desperately not to lose control. He opened them when he felt something cool drip onto him.

Liz pushed the pineapple rings over and down his engorged flesh, trying to keep them from breaking apart because it was a rather snug fit. Tess watched, and then looked at her when the head was finally obscured by pale yellow fruit.

“Can I?” she asked Liz this time. Liz just nodded, and she and Michael stared as Tess lowered her head and bit carefully into the fruit. Michael gasped at the feel of it pressing into his sensitive skin and groaned audibly to see Tess draw the crushed remains of the top ring into her mouth and chew. Quickly Michael sat up and pulled her to him, kissing her, wanting to taste everything she could taste. She swallowed and then opened her mouth, allowing him to explore the warmth and sweetness inside.

He felt Liz´s breath on his more sensitive regions then, and in a burst of inspiration pulled Tess down with him as he lay back. She quickly straddled his chest even as Liz sat across his lower legs. He felt both helpless and excited, vulnerable to anything the girls did to him but also confident that whatever it was would be well worth it.

Tess leaned down to kiss him, lifting his head off the cushion and exploring his mouth as thoroughly as he had hers a moment ago. Behind her, Liz used one hand to stroke Michael, squeezing the fruit that engulfed his flesh to create friction even as her lips soothed his heated skin.

Tess began rocking slightly, and Michael was suddenly reminded of her warmth against him, hidden only by a thin piece of material. It delayed his roving hand for mere seconds before his fingers found their way to the wet flesh between her legs. She groaned into his mouth and rocked harder, both of them excited beyond belief by the way her inner muscles clenched around his fingers.

He could feel cool air around his arousal as Liz devoured the fruit encircling it, her hair brushing silkily against his hip. His entire body quivered in delicious agony as she blew upon flesh slick with juice and then sucked gently, returning her hand to the base of his shaft to stroke even as she pleasured the head with her tongue and lips.

Tess stilled on top of him to study his face as he spasmed. Michael panted as lights flared behind his eyes and bursts of heat enveloped his entire body, beyond caring that Liz had pulled back to admire her handiwork.

Her mouth quirked as it occurred to her to go get a ruler, but she managed to keep from laughing; it seemed like an inappropriate time.

Tess watched Michael convulse, fascinated by the way his face clenched and then relaxed as he found release. Her legs squeezed reflexively as his finger curved within her, inadvertently triggering something … explosive. Gasping, she just sat there, trying to recover her breath but then Liz pressed against her from behind, reaching around to squeeze her breasts and lightly pinch her nipples until she felt like screaming in ecstasy.

So she did.

When she regained her senses, she opened her eyes to see Michael looking up at her, his mouth open and expression astounded.

She couldn´t help it; she started to giggle, and then she felt Liz, who was still hugging her closely from behind, shake as she giggled too. Finally Michael joined in, chortling heartily, and the sound of their laughter mingled with the tangy smell of fruit and lovemaking.

Then she and Liz rolled off of him, and the three lay on the floor in varying stages of stickiness and fulfillment.

Soon it was quiet and only the sounds of ragged breathing could be heard.

“Ugh,” Liz said.

“What?” Michael asked, not moving.

“I´m sticky,” she answered.

“Tell me about it,” he said, thinking about his lap but smiling.

“Can you move?” Tess asked.

“Yeah,” Liz said.

“I think so,” Michael agreed, only the slightest hesitation betraying his doubt.

“How about a shower?” Tess suggested.

“Sounds good,” Liz said.

“Who´s first?” Michael asked.

There was silence.

“I´ll go first,” all three said simultaneously.

There was another moment of silence. Tess giggled.

“How big is your shower?” Liz wanted to know then.

“Pretty big,” Tess answered. “Why?”

“Could we all get in there?”

Tess thought about it. “I think so,” she said.

“So why don´t we?”

There was yet another moment of silence, until Michael spoke.


And then there was a mad rush as the three of them scrambled upright, Liz and Tess wriggling out of their pyjama bottoms and Michael jumping on one foot to free the material still tangled about his lower extremities.

Tess couldn´t keep her eyes off Liz; she really was perfectly proportioned, slim and lithe, with hips that curved slightly and legs that seemed longer than such a small girl had any right to expect. Curiously, she noted the neatly trimmed patch of dark hair between the other girl´s thighs, and wondered …

Liz blushed when she became aware of Tess´s scrutiny, but didn´t turn away. Instead she used the opportunity to study her in turn. She bit her lip lightly in anticipation of touching and caressing lush curves without any material in the way, and marvelled at how alike yet different they looked. Idly, she teased herself with thoughts of exploring the dip in her lower back, the crease between hip and thigh, the light-coloured curls that proved her a natural blonde …

Behind both girls, Michael stared unabashedly. He looked down at his hands in awe that they had touched such perfection, and then lower, shocked to find himself already responsive to the very prospect of doing so again …

Together, free of all material constraint, they raced to the washroom. They did not touch one another, not yet, but stood outside the generously proportioned stall as Tess turned the lower faucet to get a comfortable temperature. Once satisfied, she turned a lever and hot water rained down from several ceiling and wall-mounted showerheads to cloud the air with steam.

“Cool,” Michael said, obviously very impressed.

“Yeah,” Tess nodded. “It´s supposed to be like being in a Jacuzzi, only standing up.” She stepped in first, followed by Liz and then Michael, who towered above both the girls and tried not to crowd them too closely as he pulled the glass doors shut behind him.

For a moment, all three of them closed their eyes and turned into the thick spray from various jets, feeling the hot water beat at them rhythmically from several directions.

“Do you have any soap?” Liz asked Tess, thinking that maybe it was a question she should have brought up *before* they got in.

“There´s some body wash on the shelf behind Michael,” Tess offered, and he lifted his arms obligingly so that Liz could reach around him for it. She looked up at him as her arms snaked about his waist, and he leaned down, taking the opportunity to kiss her. Without breaking apart she grasped the plastic bottle and the mesh sponge hanging next to it and, hands still behind his back, managed to squeeze a generous amount onto the netting without spilling too much.

The warm scent of vanilla rose through the steam as what she did spill frothed about their feet.

Liz slid hands and sponge over Michael´s back and then along the flesh where their bodies almost met, slathering the foam generously over his long torso and along his arms. She moaned into his mouth as Tess came up behind her then, plunging her own hands into the aromatic foam and working it into and around the other girl´s belly and back. She pulled at Liz, turning her into the spray, rinsing her, kissing her, insistently. Demandingly.

Michael´s long arms hugged them to him as hands explored slippery flesh and Tess sandwiched the human girl between them. His eyes met hers, and both smiled slightly. Tess leaned in to whisper into Liz´s ear.

“Your turn,” Liz heard. She could only nod helplessly as Tess pressed against her and Michael shifted behind and against her, gripping about her waist in anticipation. Closing her eyes she allowed herself to fall back against him, using him for support as Tess kissed the little dip below her neck.

Slowly, deliberately, Tess used her hands to cup and push Liz´s breasts up and together to create cleavage and then lapped at the water that pooled there. “Oops, no banana,” she said clearly, and listened to Liz´s involuntary giggle without looking up. Instead she lavished attention onto and around the other girl´s nipples, alternatively suckling and grasping with her fingers.

Tess did smile to hear Liz´s strangled gasp as she worked her way down, kneeling to nibble the supple skin around Liz´s navel and … below.

Michael held Liz to him tightly, enjoying the feel of her rubbing along the length of him and determined not to let her fall as she fell limply against him. He nipped at her earlobe as her head rolled back, then nuzzled the side of her neck with some enthusiasm.

Liz swam in sensation, the feel of Michael behind her and Tess below her merging with the force of the water as it sluiced down over them, stimulating them, cocooning them in its warmth. She closed her eyes against its force, allowing wave after wave of pleasure to wash down over and through her as Tess found her way between Liz´s thighs and explored, using fingers and then her mouth to delve as deeply as possible, seeking sensitive flesh. Tess didn´t pull back when she felt the muscles in Liz´s thighs clench and press against her, just reached up to tilt Liz´s hips towards her, allowing her even closer access.

One of Liz´s arms snaked up over her head and around Michael´s neck while the other stretched down, caressing Tess´s silky wet hair and then her own belly. As if from a distance she listened to the sound of water hitting tile and skin mingle with the sounds of urgency coming from at least one of them, maybe more than one, maybe herself – it was hard to tell. She did know when Michael climaxed again, feeling his hardness against her back soften; she imagined his warmth washing down her, pushed before powerful jets of water.

And then she felt it, deep in the pit of her stomach; roiling, bubbling, churning, clawing its way to freedom. She felt like an unstoppable force of nature as she spasmed, hard and fast and glorious. She shook as Michael bit her shoulder and Tess climbed swiftly to her feet, kissing her and then Michael in fierce triumph. Liz shuddered again, as an aftershock of pleasure ripped through her.

She opened her eyes to a fantasy. The steam hovered thickly, obscuring individual features, forcing them to rely on touch and sound and taste to find each other. She could see and feel her own dark hair laying in thick tangled ropes against her skin, but sought out Tess´s silkiness and Michael´s soft roughness, bringing their heads together, kissing and sucking and licking indiscriminately at whatever flesh came within reach.

It was hot, it was sweet, it was sweaty and purifying and gratifying and wonderful.

And it was exhausting.

Their kisses grew languorous, their hands caressed lazily, and pants subsided into sighs and the faintest of moans.

Finally Tess pulled back and, hearing no protest, turned the shower off.

It was like a forest after a storm, water dripping off jets and bodies, the air quiet as it moved around them, making them shiver slightly.

Michael stepped out of the stall first. He grabbed several thick bath sheets from a shelf and handed one to each of the girls. They dried themselves in silence, Liz and Tess taking another towel each for their hair while Michael just shook his out.

Then Tess spoke.

“The bed´s big enough. Stay with me.”


“Hey, Liz?” Michael asked sleepily, nestling into her belly. His breath tickled.

“Yeah?” she yawned, and cradled his head in her arms, enjoying the contrasting texture of dry skin and almost-dry hair.

“What was your question going to be?”

Liz was jostled when Tess chuckled softly. Mildly put out, she tilted her head up to see her face better, lightly kissing a pert nipple that happened to be within reach when she did.

She had, after all, called ‘middle´ first. “What´s so funny?”

“Nothing,” Tess blushed. “I was, uh, just thinking about the same thing. That´s all.”

Liz laughed herself, and debated whether to keep it for the next time; she was certain, somehow, that there was going to be one. “Well,” she hedged, “it actually wasn´t too far off from Michael´s question.”

“Really?” he asked, and neither girl had to look to know he was grinning. “Well, if it gets the same results …” They just laughed at his smug, and sated, tone.

“Actually,” Liz said, sounding kind of serious. “It was a matter of … science.”

“Science, Michael echoed dubiously.

Liz nodded, now enjoying the way soft flesh moulded around her when she moved. Apparently, Tess did too; she sighed and began caressing Liz´s damp hair, murmuring something about “embracing the melons.” Liz grinned before continuing.

“Yeah, I was reading this article in a journal the other day,” she said, neglecting to mention that the ‘journal´ in question was in fact a ‘Cosmo´.

“And what was it about?” Michael inquired politely, wishing she´d get to the point.

“It was about a very interesting effect that can result when a certain everyday … product … is used creatively.”

“What product would that be?” Tess chimed in, curious herself.

Liz took a deep breath. She hoped they would be intrigued; she had a whole box, unopened, in her jacket pocket. “A kind of breath mint. They´re called ‘Altoids´."

(The End)

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