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Awakening - Tess/Isabel
Post-Destiny. Isabel and Tess rekindle their friendship and get closer, much closer. Rated PG-13/R, by Debbie

Color - Liz/Tess
Tess POV companion to "The Fifth Sense". Rated NC-17, by Debbie

Crimson and Clover - Liz/Tess (Bnr) +++
After VLV, Tess reflects on her feelings about Liz. Rated R, by Bennie

Distractions - Liz/Tess +++
VLV: Liz and Tess make the most of being stuck with each other Rated PG-13/R, by Debbie

The Fifth Sense - Liz/Tess
Tess is a master of touch. Rated NC-17, by Debbie

First Kiss - Liz/Maria +++
An old journal entry reveals the details of Liz's first kiss. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

First Time - Liz/Maria
(Sequel to First Kiss) Post EOTW: Liz writes about her first time. Rated R, by Debbie

The "Friends and Lovers" Series - Liz/Isabel, Max/Alex, by Bennie
What starts as a simple frolic becomes so much more ...

Tart - L/I
Isabel gets a surprise visitor. Rated NC-17
Turnabout - L/I
Turnabout is fair play... Rated NC-17
Possession/Repossession - L/I, M/A
Max finds his connection to Isabel leads him to think ... interesting ... thoughts about Alex. Rated NC-17
Revelations - M/A
Alex wants more from Max. Rated NC-17

Goodbye Again - Liz/Tess (Bnr)
"Four Aliens and a Baby" reinterpreted with a Catfighter eye; Liz POV. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

The Madonna Pedestal - Liz/Maria
Maria POV. Despite Liz's flaws, Maria - and everyone else - is drawn to her. Rated PG-13, by Bennie

The "Open" Series - Liz/Tess, by Bennie
Liz and Tess slowly become friends. Will they get even closer?

Eyes Open
Tess needs a friend... Rated PG
Mind Open
Liz and Tess learn new things about each other... Rated PG-13

Welcome to the Club - Liz/Tess
When an inflight magazine isn't distracting enough.... Rated NC-17, by Debbie

Whiteout - Liz/Isabel New!
Futurefic. Liz and Isabel create a life for themselves. Rated PG, by Bennie


Enlightenment 1 2 - Max/Kyle
Post-Harvest. Max and Kyle form a soul-bond, but resist it. Rated R/soft NC-17, by Debbie

Family - Max/Kyle, other
Futurefic: Someone's family is about to get a little bigger.... Rated PG, by Debbie

The "Friends and Lovers" Series - Liz/Isabel, Max/Alex, by Bennie
See listing above

Intertwined - Max/Kyle (Bnr)
Futurefic: Max saves Kyle again, but without using his powers. Rated PG, by Debbie

Know These Things - Max/Kyle +++
Songfic, set after WipeOut. Angry/angsty Kyle POV. Rated R for language, by Debbie

Living - Alex/Kyle
Sequel to "Unexpected Gifts". Kyle reflects on Alex after CYN. Rated PG, by Debbie

Lost - Alex/Kyle
Post-Departure: Kyle goes to Liz for comfort after he learns the truth about Alex. Rated PG, by Debbie

Marked - Max/Michael
Michael wants Max's mark... Rated PG, by hah

Michael Woke Up Gay - Michael, Isabel, Valenti
A parody inspired by the hilarious "Wake Up Gay" website. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

Mirrorball - Max/Kyle
Angsty songfic, alternating M/K POV. Rated PG-13 for language, by Debbie

Not Just a Buddhist River In Egypt - Kyle/Sean
Kyle and Sean chat after leaving the Crashdown in "Departure". Rated PG-13/R for language, by Debbie

Out - Max/Michael
The long-delayed sequel to "Reading Compr." Max and Michael tell others about their love. Rated R, by Debbie

Reading Comprehension - Max/Michael
What if that Destiny book isn't supposed to be read left to right? Rated PG-13, by Debbie

Starting Over - Kyle/Jack (Bnr)
Crossover fic (DC/Roswell), based on Pilar's "L'Etranger" series. Kyle is sent to live in Massachusetts. Rated R, by Debbie

Three Vignettes - Max/Kyle +++
Liz comments on Max's emotions, Kyle wants to revoke his membership, and M/K have fun at the Prom (written before HoM aired). Rated PG/PG13/R, by Debbie

Til We Become the Sun - Max/Kyle
Companion songfic to "Know These Things." Rated NC-17, by Debbie

Unexpected Gifts - Alex/Kyle +++
Alex POV: What *really* happened in the cave with Kyle in HTOHL. Rated R, by Debbie

threesomes (and more-somes!)

About Last Night - Liz/Tess/Kyle/Michael (Bnr)
Liz wakes up with a hangover ... what happened last night? Rated NC-17, by Debbie

Chemistry - Max/Liz/Alex
Everyone wants to kiss everyone else. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

The Day My 'Ship Came In - Liz/Tess/Michael +++ (Bnr)
Sequel to 'Ships In the Night - L/T/Mi get ... cozy. Rated NC-17, by Bennie

'Ships In the Night - Liz/Tess/Michael
Stuck in an elevator... what to do, what to do? Rated NC-17, by Bennie

The Story of Us - Max/Kyle/Liz (Bnr)
Three people share how they formed an unlikely relationship. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

The Transference Series - Liz/Isabel/Michael, by Bennie (Bnr)
Conduit - There's an interesting side effect to Liz's "change". Rated PG.
Conductivity - Liz is enjoying her relationship. Rated PG-13.
Conductance - Isabel's POV. Rated PG.

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