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Unconventional Couples

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56 Days - Alex/Leanna
Leanna POV -- How she and Alex spent their time in Las Cruces. Rated PG, by Bennie

Affirmation - ?/?
Lovers meet in the desert for one final fling. Rated PG, by Bennie

All the Comforts of Home - Isabel/Max
Max and Isabel find meaning after a family tragedy. Rated NC-17, by tee2012

Alone - Isabel/Max
Post ARCC: Isabel just wants to be left alone with Max. Rated PG, by Debbie

Anyone For Scrabble? - Liz/Michael
Strip Scrabble - yes, it can be done. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

Better - Tess/Kyle
Kyle reflects on the girl in the other room. Rated PG, by Kate

Breathing Lessons - Liz/Michael +++
Futurefic, set around the Monterey Aquarium. Not related to the PN. Rated PG-13, by Whiteotter

Call Me Mikey G - Liz/Michael New!
Michael talks about the side he's not so proud of. Side CC element. Rated NC-17, by Bennie

Choice - Isabel/Michael
What if Isabel really DID get pregnant from the dreams? Set roughly in 4-Sq time. Rated R for content, by Kate

Clichés - Max/Tess
Post-Departure: Max is feeling his loss. Rated PG, by Debbie

Empty Arms - Isabel/Michael
Unresolved feelings about the 4-Square dreams come to the surface. Rated PG, by Debbie

Eureka! - Liz/Michael, also Maria/Isabel, Max/Kyle
Liz POV. Liz makes her own discoveries when she offers to tutor Michael in computer skills. Rated PG-13, by Bennie

Exhausted - Liz/Michael
So, Michael, what *did* you mean by that "She's exhausting" remark in VLV? Rated PG, by Debbie

Fall With Me - Liz/Michael
Companion to "Watch Her Fall" (below). Liz has a recurring nightmare. Starts off CC (M&M, M/L) then becomes UC. Rated PG, by Bennie

In Your Eyes - Isabel/Max (Bnr)
Lost scene from MITC - Nothing will ever come between them again. Rated NC-17, by Debbie

Love To Last a Lifetime - Isabel/Max (Bnr)
Max and Isabel find a way to be together. Rated NC-17, by Debbie

Loyalty - Liz/Kyle
Liz has always trusted in Kyle's loyalty. Was she wrong to do so? Rated PG, by Debbie

Not My Name - ?/?
She calls out another name - not his. Rated PG, by Reese

Not The Only One - Liz/Kyle
Max demands answers, and Liz and Kyle have a little fun. Rated PG-13 (for language), by Reese

The Open Road - Liz/Michael (Bnr)
Michael takes Liz for an adventure on his motorbike. Rated R, by Debbie

Parted - Isabel/Max
Lonely Isabel reflects on the changes and losses the last year has brought. Rated PG, by Debbie

The Polar Novel - Liz/Michael +++ (Bnr)
The quintessential Polar fic, by Whiteotter

Promises Kept - Isabel/Max
Companion piece to "Parted" - Max POV. Set during TSAP. Rated PG, by Debbie

Penumbra - Liz/Michael
Michael reflects on the effect Liz has had on him. Rated NC-17, by Bennie

Play It Cool - Liz/Sean, Liz/Kyle
Missing scene from HoM, Kyle POV. Rated PG, by Bennie

Random Acts of Kindness - Liz/Michael +++
AU, Liz POV. Acts of kindness in the past come full circle in the future. Rated PG, by hah

Reliving History - Liz/Michael
An event in Grandpa Dupree's life has an effect on Michael. Rated PG, by Debbie

The Ride - Liz/Michael
Liz and Michael ride off into the night on his motorbike. Rated PG, by hah

Saved - Liz/Michael
What if Michael had been the one to save Liz in the Pilot? Rated PG-13, by Debbie
Version 1 - Motivations more closely mirror the original pilot.
Version 2 - Michael feels *very* confused.

See Me - Liz/Michael +++
A Polar reinterpretation of the M&M scenes in "Departure". Rated PG-13, by Debbie

Sorry - Isabel/Max
Max is filled with regret. Set immediately after ITL&ITB. Rated PG, by Debbie

Surprise - Liz/Michael
Liz and Michael learn their relationship isn't as much of a secret as they'd thought. Rated PG-13, by hah

Sweet - Max/Maria
A new twist on that "strawberry scene" from SH. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

Therapy - Liz/Michael, Liz/Max, other
In response to a challenge: Set about 4 years in the future, Liz's life gets complicated. Humor and romance abound. Rated PG-13 for innuendo, by hah

The Thought Persists - Liz/Michael, everyone (Bnr)
Futurefic: Old loves are given a second chance. Rated PG, by Bennie

The "Undaunted" Series: A Quartet of Sorrow and Strength - Isabel/Michael, Tess/Max
The Podsters learn you can never go home again. Rated PG, by hah
Unending - Isabel POV
Untouchable - Tess POV
Unwilling - Max POV
Undone - Michael POV

Variations in More - Liz/Michael (Bnr)
All his life, Michael has always needed something more. Rated NC-17, by Bennie

Watch Her Fall - Liz/Michael
Michael has a recurring nightmare. Starts off CC (M&M, M/L) then becomes UC. Rated PG, by Bennie

Wave Goodbye - Liz/Alex
Songfic - Liz says goodbye to Alex. Rated PG, by Reese

Where It All Began - Liz/Michael
Futurefic: Liz reflects on her life. Make sure you have Kleenex. Rated PG, by hah
Why Am I Here? - Liz/Michael
Post-Departure. Michael pays Liz a visit. Not really 'shippy. Rated PG, by Reese

Conventional Couples

Hold On - Max/Liz
Dreamer angst: Max thinks about what Liz means to him. Rated PG, by Bennie

The Wedding - Max/Liz
If EOTW hadn't happened, here's how Max and Liz's wedding might have turned out. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

With or Without You - Max/Liz
In the aftermath of WipeOut, Max and Liz reconcile. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

World Without End - Max/Liz
What if Future Max hadn't stopped Max and Liz from meeting the night of the Gomez concert? Rated R, by Debbie

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