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This site was last updated on April 5, 2008

What's New: April 5, 2008: New fic! I have removed the button for the Dawson's Creek Slash Archive, as I have not known the functional URL (if one even still exists) for ages. If you know anything about this, tell me. Have lost some interest in Roswell, but will continue to host Ros fics.

I have marked all stories-with-banners with (Bnr). Stories nominated or granted awards have been marked by +++.

New Stories (See categories for full index listings.)

RH = Ros. Het RS = Ros. Slash RO = Ros. Other
PN = Polar Novel DS = DC Slash HP = Harry Potter

(4/5/08) HP These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins (Percy/George, prior F/G) by Debbie
(1/24/08) HP A Pumpkin Carol (Harry/Hermione) by Debbie
(1/24/08) HP After Life (Harry/Hermione) by Debbie
(1/24/08) HP North, East, South and West (George) by Debbie


The stories on this site are mostly Roswell and Harry Potter fanfiction, but there are a few Dawson's Creek fics as well. Many of these are slash (same-sex), so if that sort of thing repulses you or you are underage, stick to the hetero/other fics. All stories and fanart have been produced by me (Debbie) unless otherwise noted. If you see something you'd like to have for your own website, please ask first. I'll probably say yes, but it's always nice to know where my "children" are. Please extend the same courtesy to the other authors/artists here - ask them first.

While I do provide space to other authors, I do not accept outright submissions. If you know someone who has written a hard-to-categorize fic that needs a home, you may recommend it by giving me the title and the author's email.


Note: "Slash" category includes threesomes

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The Roswell sites which provided awards for fics here are no longer functioning, so I have removed their banners and links. Individual fics which were granted awards are still so marked.

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