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It will probably surprise no one that the first story I ever wrote was slash. *g* If you know of good, not overlong HP fics that need a home, you may recommend them.

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After Life - Harry/Hermione New!
Harry and Hermione's later years together, as remembered by their children. Rated G, by Debbie

Afterwards - Harry/Hermione/Ron
Harry and Ron must find a way to go on after Hermione dies in childbirth. Written for the Trio Fuh-Q-Fest. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

As I See You - Harry/Draco
Neither boy has use of his eyes, but they both make good use of their other senses. Rated NC-17, by Debbie

Boys In the Sun - Sirius/Remus
Sirius and Remus share a private moment in the sunshine. Rated hard R, by Debbie

Certain - Harry/Draco, minor R/Hr by Debbie
Love and Hate can be a very fine line....

Ron and Harry have a little chat.... Rated PG
The Longest Day
It's a long wait until Harry's meeting with Malfoy. Rated PG
Closing the Distance
Draco POV. What happens behind Giuseppe's statue? Rated PG-13
All's Fair....
A true love/hate relationship ensues.... Rated PG-13
Harry wants to find some middle ground in their relationship. Will Draco agree? Rated PG

Chez Ron - Ron/Hermione
Ron cooks dinner for Hermione Rated PG, by Debbie

Comfort - Harry/Hermione
Harry is in need of a comfort only Hermione can provide. Post-Hogwarts. Companion to "Need" (see below). Rated NC-17, by Debbie

Coming of Age - AU Slash Spinoff - Harry/Draco
From Frances Potter's (nonslash) "Coming of Age" story - an AU slash spinoff inspired by the slashy subtext in Chapter 10. Harry and Draco are tied together by a curse. Harry heals an abused Draco of various injuries, and they find themselves strangely drawn together. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

Complications - Dumbledore/McGonagall
Is Albus Dumbledore's keen interest in Minerva a reflection of what he suspects about her? Or is it ... personal? Albus/Minerva UST, with evil!McGonagall. Rated PG, by Debbie

Confessions - Sirius/Remus
Sirius/Remus pre-slash. The boys find out they have something unexpected in common; set during their fifth year. Rated G/PG, by Debbie

Draco In Darkness Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 - (Harry/Draco) +++
Following an accident in his seventh year, Draco loses his eyesight. At first he completely withdraws, avoiding any hint of pity, as well as any assistance; he is determined to succeed on his own. But after Harry elbows his way into Draco's dark world, both boys find themselves in a strange new friendship, and they each learn new ways to see each other and themselves. [Complete] Rated PG-13, by Debbie

Driving Lessons - Harry/Draco
Harry teaches Draco to drive. Rated NC-17, by Debbie

Forevermore - Harry/Draco
A one-on-one Quidditch match leads Draco and Harry into something more. Set to the cadence of a famous poem. Rated G, by Debbie

Full Circle - Lupin POV
Set during the train ride in PoA; Lupin reflects on the past and muses about the future. Rated G, by Kellie

The Gift - Bill/Remus
Post-OotP. Bill offers an unexpected gift to a friend. Rated NC-17, by Debbie

I Want To Be With You - Harry/Ron
Harry and Ron stretch out in the grass and discuss plans for the future. (Art link in A/N) Rated PG, by Debbie

It All Started At the Bookstore - Harry/Draco (Bnr)
Inspired by BlackRose's beautiful picture. Harry's day ends up being rather full of surprises. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

It's Not Christmas Without You - Harry/Draco
In response to holiday-themed challenge at my yahoogroup, 7Q. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

L.A. Heat - Harry/Draco
Part of the "Malfoy, P.I." universe. The heat outside is no match for the heat generated in Draco's office. Noir style. Rated NC-17, by Nancy

Light and Dark - Harry/Draco (formerly "SCUSA ficlets")
A collection of ficlets, all written for the H/D thread at FictionAlley Park's SCUSA (shipper) board. Rated PG - R, by Debbie
Part I: Chocolate Body Paint, Jacuzzi, Night, Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus, Lambada
Part II: Nightmare, In the Dark, Purpose, Beans, Challenge

Looking Back - Harry/Ginny, unrequited Harry/Ron
Ginny (while with Harry) realizes the feelings he has for her brother. What does she do? Post-HBP. Rated PG, by Debbie

Mirror - Fred/George
George spends an evening in front of his mirror. *Twincest warning* Rated R for not-overly-explicit sexual theme, by Debbie

My Everything: The Hermione Monologues 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - Hermione POV (H/H, R/Hr)
Futurefic. Hermione reflects on her life, with its joys and sorrows. Part 8 is Victoria's Monologue and Part 9 is Harry's. Rated PG-13, by Lissanne

Need - Harry/Hermione
Harry responds to Hermione's need. Companion to "Comfort" (see above). Rated NC-17, by Lissanne

North, East, South and West - George New!
Post-DH. A survivor contemplates ... surviving. Rated G, by Debbie

The Park Bench - Harry/Draco
Written for a furniture-based challenge. A tale told from an outside perspective. Rated PG, by Debbie

Promise To Try - Harry/Hermione
In the final moments before going off to face Voldemort, Harry knows he should tell Hermione how he feels. But how can he? (Songfic) Rated G, by Debbie

A Pumpkin Carol - Harry/Hermione New!
Hermione thinks on Christmases past, present and future. H/Hr fluff. Rated G, by Debbie

Red and Gold - Harry/Ron
Ron finally gets what he really wants - but for how long? Rated R, by Debbie

Refuge - Harry/Draco
In response to an artwork challenge at Armchair: Draco finds a distressed Harry, and offers him a place of refuge. Rated PG, by Debbie

Reunion - Fred/George
Sequel to Separation (below). It's a year later and the twins no longer look alike - how will they react? *Twincest warning* Rated PG-13, by Debbie & Lissanne

Separation - Fred/George
It's Fred and George's last night together. *Twincest warning* Rated PG-13, by Debbie & Lissanne

Seven Elements - L/MWPP
In response to a fic challenge on SevenOfQuills. Characters borrowed from Tabitha's "A Lily Story" - the gang finds themselves in some surprising situations. Rated PG, by Debbie

Shattering and Release - R/Hr, R/Hr/H
A tragic event leaves Harry shattered. His best friends show him the love he needs to start healing. Rated NC17, by Kellie

Silence - Ginny
What happens when you fall in love and can't tell anyone? (Femslash) Rated R, by Debbie

Skin - Harry/Draco
Harry and Draco share an intimate moment; Draco POV. Rated NC-17, by Debbie

So Wrong - Ron/Vernon
Would you sleep with Vernon Dursley? What if Harry's life depended on it? Ron/Vernon. So wrong. Harry is going to owe Ron big time. Rated R, by Debbie

Sources of Light - Harry/Draco
Futurefic outtake from the Draco In Darkness universe. Rated PG, by Debbie

Stalemate - Harry/Ron
Molly and Arthur do not approve of Harry and Ron. Written for the Harry/Ron Fuh-Q-Fest. Rated PG, by Debbie

These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins - Percy/George, prior mention of F/G New!
Two brothers find healing in the aftermath of Fred's death. Rated NC-17, by Debbie

Today - James POV
An allegory for the Sept. 11, 2001 tragedy in the US. James mulls on his reactions to Voldemort's attacks. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

Together Again - Fred/George
Fred and George learn to keep some things separate as they grow up, but finally acknowledge their need to be together. Rated NC-17, by Debbie

Touching Moments - Unrequited Harry/Ron
Ron is very conflicted over why Harry's touch seems to affect him more than Hermione's. Post-HBP. Rated PG/PG-13, by Debbie

Twenty-Six Days - Remus, Sirius/Remus, Remus/OC
In his search for a job, Remus stumbles into something else entirely. Set four years after the death of Lily/James. Slash. Rated PG-13, by Debbie

What You Do To Me - Bill/Remus
An impulsive kiss leads to something far more intimate. Bill/Remus with Sirius/Remus references. Rated NC-17, by Debbie

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