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I've read quite a bit of fic over the past year, and I have some definite favorites. However, many of those fics are already posted on other sites, often on *many* other sites, so it seems silly to post them yet again over here. But I thought perhaps some of you might enjoy reading these same stories, so this is the page where you can find direct offsite links to some of my favorites. (Of course, I also love everything that's hosted here already.)

::embarrassed laugh:: I was just realizing how many of these are NC-17. I actually usually prefer the milder stories, but ... ::shrug:: ... I guess some of the really well-done ones also happen to be NC-17 in spots.

I have linked pages according to the authors' requests.


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Before It Rains by Pilar (Max/Michael)
Michael POV. I love the "My Leader, My Lover" theme that runs through this. It's a powerful piece for one of my favorite slash pairs. NC-17

Closet Case by DMartinez (Liz/Michael)
Liz and Michael get trapped in a wardrobe. What to do, what to do? <g> Lots of feistiness here, both verbal and sexual. Love the ending! NC-17

Confessions of a Quiet Victim by Sara (Liz/Tess)
Liz POV, high angst, character death. Beautifully written. There's also a Tess POV sequel: Memoirs of a Lost Soul

Early Morning Workout by Aunty Mib (Max/Kyle)
Fun, foofy fic, Kyle POV. NC-17

The Evil Within by Love Kills (Tess/Kyle)
Bitter, introspective Kyle POV, post-Departure. Non-chronological narrative adds depth to the story. The author's rhythm and the observations and complexity of the characters left me speechless.

The Fun Kind of Secrets by Sara (Liz/Michael/Tess)
Liz POV, describing how she got involved with a "sexy, amusingly coiffed, uncomplicated tasty treat" and "the cutest little sex kitten" she's ever seen. Fun? Definitely. And be sure to read the even-better sequel Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.

The Gambler by Livia (Alex/Kyle)
Set during and after VLV. Could be considered an unofficial prequel to Too Well (see below). Alex's POV is wistful, introspective, and amazing. I felt so many emotions as the story unfolded. If you have the slightest affinity for slash, read it.

The Genesis Series by Annie (Max/Kyle)
This was the first fic I *ever* read (yes, I started with slash -- fitting, no? <g>) and was completely captivated. It's AU - Instead of Liz, Kyle is the one who gets shot and ends up with silver marks. There are 4 parts; part 3 is NC17.

Pink by Whiteotter (Liz/Tess)
Set after Destiny, Liz POV. Words fail me. This is just a fabulous, powerful Catfighter fic, plain and simple. There's also a Tess POV sequel: Refraction

Redrawing the Lines by Matthew Haldeman-Time (Max/Kyle)
It amazes me how Matthew manages to write about a serious subject, and yet still keeps things from drowning in angst with the liberal addition of Kyle's fabulous snarkiness. It's lighthearted and emotional at the same time. NC-17

Roslove Trilogy by Matthew Haldeman-Time (Max/Kyle)
Possibly my all-time favorite Max/Kyle. With Michael thrown in for good measure. <g> I absolutely adore how Max's ability to leave silver marks becomes a key factor in Kyle's dawning realizations. NC-17

Stronger by Livia (Max/Michael)
Another amazing and powerful Michael POV. NC-17

The Sugar Cube and Alien Liaison Series by Jenn and Kate (Tess/Isabel)
A 6-part series. Isabel POV (although a Tess POV companion by Jenn is rumoured to be in the works). I love the progression in their relationship, and how the others react. The bathtub scene is my favorite. And part 6 provided the inspiration for my own "Reading Comprehension" (Mx/Mi) fic.

Too Well by Livia (Alex/Kyle)
Set after CYN, but written before the ep aired, this wonderful piece will make you cry, and feel things for A/K you never knew you could feel. The Jim Valenti POV makes it all the more special. This fic was nominated best A/K in the Deep End Awards.

Harry Potter

A Lily Story: The Alpha by Tabitha Jones
A wonderful tale chronicling the life of Harry's mother and her friends (including MWPP). The Alpha covers her first year at Hogwarts. Be sure to follow up with the sequels The Beta (Year 2) and The Gamma (Year 3). This series will follow Lily throughout all 7 Hogwarts years, and her short post-school life with James. Lots of future Greek letters to look forward to!

Assurance by Aja (Harry/Draco)
A short but amazing ficlet. Harry's deep feelings find him staring endlessly at Draco. The blond boy notices and, in just a few short notes, they each convey the power of their thoughts. The incredible rhythm of "He thought about replying ____ " reminded me strongly of "The Enemy Within" (above). And the final line just takes my breath away.

Confessional by Nightfall
Post-Hogwarts, post-war. Harry has abandoned his life as a wizard, becoming a Catholic priest in his attempt to escape his past. He has learned to offer forgiveness, but can he forgive himself? I know there are many Harry-leaves-the-Wizarding-world stories out there, but I found this one to be a standout, a powerful and emotional read.

Deny Thy Father by LupinsLittleSister (eventually Sirius/Remus)
How did Sirius come to leave his family as a teen? Sounds so straightforward, but the author touches on numerous issues in her story, building up a detailed and canon-based tale about the Marauders, from Sirius' POV. Covers their first five years at Hogwarts and is non-shippy. Be sure to read the follow-up one-shot Mentors, and the chaptered fic Accidentally In Love, which brings Sirius and Remus together in their seventh year. The author has a masterful hand at characterization and emotion. Peter is far more than just the whiny little hanger-on many authors make him out to be, and the foursome's friendship - and later, S/R's budding relationship - is touching. I'm completely enthralled by her universe.

Draco Dormiens/D. Sinister/D. Veritas by Cassandra Claire
And you thought Draco was only a flat, purely malicious character? Read these stories and learn how complex he can be. DD is first; DS and DV are the respective sequels (DV is in progress). Draco and Harry are the primary characters (nonslash), with Hermione and, in DS/DV, Ginny, and other characters playing major roles as well. Don't be put off by the stories' length -- they are thoroughly addictive! Click here to see drawing Debbie did for DV2.

Dragonweed by Penguin (Harry/Draco)
Penguin has an amazing ability - love and longing, passionate encounters, fear and confusion and heartbreaking angst.... This seventh-year-and-later story covers it all, and does so beautifully. Be sure to read the spinoff fic Nymphaea after Dragonweed's Ch 4, for even more heat, confessions, and understanding. And ::swoons:: Dragonweed's sequel Side by Side In Orbit. [All complete] Oh heck, just read everything by Penguin, including her novel-length H/D gem Of Snow and Dark Water.

Everything to Everyone by Kimagure (Percy/Oliver)
As with A'jes'Blue's fic (below), this is an amazing, angsty, and heartbreaking story about Percy, with shifting Percy/Oliver POVs (and mild P/O slash). I especially love the glimpses into Percy's sketchbook, and the way he's poured out his soul into his art. [one-shot]

Harry Potter and the Carnelian Key by Kellie
A fifth-year adventure story, the closest to canon-style I've ever seen. Worried about the steps Voldemort might be taking, Harry makes his own defensive preparations. Side Ron/Hermione vibes. A wonderfully engrossing story. Click here to see R/H drawing Debbie did for ch. 11. Permanent WIP.

In This World of Strangers by A'jes' Blue (Percy)
An absolutely phenomenal look into Percy's life and history. Catharsis (ch. 1) provides one possible explanation for why Percy became the law-abiding, unemotional person he is in canon. I actually cried reading this, and I almost never cry when I read. Fallout chronicles his recovery; in the final installment, Unsuspecting Hearts, Percy finds love and healing. (Love relationship is slash). [Complete] Click here for "Fallout" drawing.

Irresistible Poison by Rhysenn (Harry/Draco)
Rhysenn's fabulous writing got me hooked on HP slash. Draco accidentally takes a Love Potion and the object of his desire is ... Harry. A breathtaking backstory of how they might get together. [Complete] Visit H/D section of Gallery to see drawings Debbie did for Ch. 9, 10, & 11. (And Debbie wrote a little IP 11spinoff, too, in homage of Rhysenn's amazing work.)

Malfoy, P.I. by Nancy (Harry/Draco)
A fabulous AU (and future) romp - if you're looking for something different, this is it. Sexy and slashy, done in the Noir style. Harry is framed for murder, and hires a private investigator (Draco) to clear his name. Draco soon learns, however, that darker forces are at work. "It all started on a sultry afternoon. The kind that makes women take to bed with a fit of the vapors, the kind that makes dogs crawl under the house, and the kind that makes my hair do whatever it wants, despite my best efforts. And I hate having messy hair." Get the picture? Good. Now go read. And don't forget the NC-17 ficlet L.A. Heat from the same universe.

Mirror Of Maybe by Midnight Blue (Harry/Snape)
Harry gets pulled into a mirror and is spit back out after 20 minutes. But in that 20 minutes, he has experienced 12 years, during which time he was a War Mage, and in an adult relationship with Snape. He is determined to prevent some of the things he saw in the mirror and to recreate others, and thus uses a glamour to turn himself back into his 28-year-old War Mage Ash persona. This, of course, makes it look like the 16-year-old "Harry" has gone missing. I am not a Snape person at all, nor a cross-gen 'shipper, but this fic is *so* original and intriguing, I don't care. Read it.

The Paradigm of Uncertainty by Lori
This was the first HP fic I ever read and it reeled me in right away. Don't let the story length deter you -- it is *well* worth the time. Set for approx. seven years after graduation from Hogwarts, this fic has humor, adventure, mystery, and a powerful enough H/H relationship to make even me, an R/H-er in canon, a believer. Be sure to read the sequels: The Show That Never Ends and then Hero With a Thousand Faces.

The Past Is Mine by Cenori (Sirius/Remus)
In the aftermath of OotP, Harry clings to his photo album, especially the photos of Sirius. He turns to the one person who can tell him more about his godfather - Remus Lupin - and, through additional photographs, ends up learning more than he had expected. I know this concept has been done, but Cenori's rendition is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Playing With Fire by Aidan Lynch (Harry/Ron)
One of the most beautiful and believable H/R fics out there. It follows Harry and Ron from their early friendship onward, and shows how childhood fears and comforts gradually give way to deeper emotions and greater physical contact. Yet the boys never talk about what all this means, and it takes time - and some help from Hermione - to fully realise their relationship.

Protective Bonds by Sadie DragonFire (Harry/Draco)
A spell produces unexpected results, and Harry and Draco find themselves bound together, unable to tolerate separation. Despite their initial negative reactions, they soon find themselves unable to ignore their true feelings. The emotions, the way they touch and interact -- it's beautiful, it's electric, and it's incredible. Part 10 is NC-17/strong R. [Complete.] Click here to see drawing Debbie did for this fic.

Resolution by Frances Potter (Harry/Draco)
A New Year's Eve snowstorm brings H/D together in their 7th year, and their subsequent interaction and conversation forces them each to reevaluate what they want. Meanwhile, known and unknown forces are working to deliver Harry to Voldemort. Frances's writing is a feast for the senses, full of touch, scents, and the delicious vision of Harry with long hair. *g* The detail and emotions take my breath away. Author has planned 12 segments; 1 for each remaining month of the term, plus a follow-up. Click to see drawings Debbie did for Harry, Ch 1 and Ch 3.

Since Always by Angelfeather (Harry/Ron)
Ron has tried so hard to live a 'normal life' with Hermione, but it isn't working. In the end both Hermione and Harry force him to see the truth about himself, and whom he's really meant to be with. A beautiful and strikingly realistic story of denial and the beginning of acceptance.

Stealing Harry by Copperbadge (Sirius/Remus, gen)
A fabulous AU where Sirius didn't go to Azkaban, Remus works in Sirius' bookstore, and together they rescue an 8-year-old Harry from the Dursleys and raise him on their own with help from the Weasleys and, of all people, Severus Snape. A charming fic showing bits of Hogwarts before Harry's era, many familiar faces and canon elements, dangers of various sorts, an adorable-yet-wise child!Harry and, of course, Sirius and Remus. Love, friendship and family make this a story to read again and again. Strong R/NC-17 in places, with kid-friendly alternatives. Laocoon's Children is the sequel, following young Harry through Hogwarts.

Teacher's Pet by Didodikali (Snape/Hermione - sort of)
Didodikali has created a delightful masterpiece, combining her writing and her charming art into a single presentation. It's not really 'shippy, and should appeal to everyone, no matter if, like me, you're not into Sn/Hr as a rule. Be sure to check out her equally captivating fic/art for By Any Other Name (Snape/Lily, as students).

Underwater Light by Maya (Harry/Draco)
Seventh-year fic: The battle against Voldemort continues, but the Triwizard Tournament still goes on. Harry, depressed by past events and perceived coddling, is stunned into alertness when he finds Draco at the bottom of the lake in the Second Task. In the aftermath, an odd but increasingly important friendship springs up between the two; Draco's influence curtails Harry's depression and helps him to live again, and through social and crisis events each boy is pushed to see the other person's worldview. A torturous UST develops as students disappear and the war takes a desperate turn. Will the boys acknowledge what's between them? [Complete] Also consider checking out Maya's hilarious [and complete] D/Hr fic Draco Malfoy the Amazing Bouncing...Rat?. Click to see drawings Debbie did for UL 8 and ABR Draco.

Unthinkable Thoughts by Aidan Lynch (Harry/Draco)
Harry and Draco are bound together, not by potions or spells, but by a tie akin to Recognition or Lifebonding. The early part of the story addresses something many authors do not - the fear and isolation experienced by gay characters. As H/D recognise what they are to each other, things fall apart. Watching everything come back together is a beautiful experience. [Complete] Click to see drawings Debbie did for Ch. 3 and Ch 8.

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