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This section is for stories that are not really couple-oriented or are otherwise difficult to classify. I've come to realize how hard it can be to find a "home" for these types of fics, so if you know of good ones that have not been posted anywhere, send me a recommendation!

+++   Indicates story has been nominated for, or granted an award.
(Bnr) Indicates story has corresponding fanart/banner on that page.

Afterworld - Everyone
Post-Panacea. Each person's POV shows how they react to the news of Max's death. Rated PG, by Bennie

And So I Fell - Liz, Rath +++ (Bnr)
There's something about metal... Rated NC-17, by Bennie

And So It Goes - Everyone (almost)
Post-Departure, 6-POV fic, set to Billy Joel's song. CC overtones. Rated PG-13, by Rilla

Awash - Michael, everyone
Michael describes his first trip to the ocean. Polar and CC overtones. Rated PG, by hah

Before I Sleep - Liz, everyone
After ITL&ITB, Liz cries for all that's happened to the group recently. Rated PG, by Bennie

Belief - Parkers: Claudia, Jeff, and Liz
Long-cherished beliefs are passed down over the generations. Rated PG, by hah

By Light of Day - Tess, others
Post-BIY. Sometimes the line between fantasy and reality gets blurred. Rated PG, by Bennie

Circles of Family - Liz, Everyone, New!
Futurefic/AU: Liz left Roswell long ago, and only one person can bring her back. Rated PG-13, by Bennie

The Finer Lines - Tess
Post-Departure, Tess POV. Rated R for language, by Kate

Follow - Orig. Character, Liz, Max (Bnr)
Futurefic, set in the Serena Series universe. One of the children Max healed in ARCC continues to follow his leadership throughout the war. Rated PG, by Rilla

For All - Max/Liz, everyone +++
When they are captured by Skins, Liz offers to make an enormous sacrifice to protect the others. Rated PG, by Bennie

Hero of the Peace - everyone
Max POV - After the war on Antar ends, he reflects on the people that made it possible. Polar element. Rated PG-13, by hah

I Am Vilandra - Vilandra
Vilandra's sleep is disturbed by dreams. Or is it memory? Rated PG, by hah

I'm No Buffy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 - Liz, everyone
Liz tells a story about making new friends, learning purpose, and trusting instincts. Rated PG, by Bennie

Just Another Day (In My Very Strange Life) - Liz, everyone
Roswell/Buffy x-over. Liz gains new abilities - and they're not due to Max's healing. Rated PG, by Bennie

Know Your Enemy - Michael POV
CYN tag: Michael reflects on Liz's vehement theories. Rated PG, by Bennie

Last Dance - L/T, M/K, L/Ma, T/I, L/Mi
Five vignettes revealing what might have been going on under the surface in HoM. Rated PG/PG13, by Debbie

Maxed Out - Max, everyone
Max has a busy day, as evidenced by other people's journals. Rated NC-17, by Debbie

Mind Game - Liz, Nicholas, Max
Futurefic: Nicholas and his prisoner face off. Rated PG, by Bennie

Not Yet - The Dupes
A guess as to why Lani and Rath hated Zan so much. Rated R for dark themes, by Whiteotter

Options - Liz
Liz's mischievous inner voice speaks out. Should she choose Max, Kyle, or Sean? Rated PG-13, by Reese

Paternity - Everyone +++
A somewhat irreverent, but extremely entertaining fic that strives to answer the question: "Who dunnit?" Rated NC-17, by tee2012

Pawn - Tess
Post-Departure. Tess reflects, as she speeds away from Earth. Rated G, by Reese

Perchance to Dream - Liz, everyone
1 - Awakening  2 - Time  3 - Strangers  4 - Focus
What really happened that September day in the Crashdown. Rated PG, by hah

Perspective - Michael, Liz
Michael and Liz discuss art. Non-shippy. Rated PG, by Bennie

Price of Power
A reflection on the burden and costs of leadership. Rated PG, by hah

Prisoner of Destiny - Liz, Tess
Futurefic. Liz makes some unexpected discoveries in an Antarian prison cell. Rated PG, by Bennie

The Pussy That Sank a Thousand Ships - Isabel
Isabel's Vagina Monologue. Rated R for language, by Kate

Question #5 - Everyone
College application essays -- a bane for humans and aliens alike. Rated PG, by hah

Rage - Liz, everyone
An emotional outburst reveals the extent of Liz's change. She must learn to control what drives her. Rated PG, by Bennie

Roses - Isabel
It's Valentine's Day... Rated PG-13, by Kate

Scheherazade - Liz
Liz is accidentally transported by the Granilith and finds herself living a legend. Rated PG, by hah

Since You've Been Gone - Kyle POV
Post-Departure. Kyle talks to Alex about recent events. Rated PG, by Reese

Sometimes - Isabel
Two ficlets, post DB. Rated R for disturbing, by Kate

Still Life - Michael/Liz, Michael/Isabel
Companion to Perspective. Michael remembers Liz in his art. Rated PG, by Bennie

That Day - Liz
Remember those nightmares Maria (Monsters) and Kyle (TSAP) had about the aliens? Liz believes her visions are real; one day, she snaps. Warning: Character death. Rated PG, by Bennie

Thirteen Years Ago - Everyone, Isabel POV
AU futurefic, in response to a challenge. What if the Podsters had left in Departure? What would they find when they came back? UC and CC. Rated PG-13, by Reese

To Die a Virgin - Liz, implied other slash and het pairings
Hilarious fluff. The four girls have a chat, with amusing revelations. Rated PG-13, by Bennie

Two Peas in a Pod - Tess, Ava +++
"Lost scene" from MitC: Tess and Ava -- the same or different? Rated PG-13, by hah

When Destiny Falters - Liz, everyone (CC) (Bnr)
Sometimes, one decision can make all the difference in the world. Rated PG, by Bennie

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