Boys In the Sun

Author: Debbie
Rating: Hard R
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended
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Author's Note: Inspired by this beautiful not-work-safe Sirius/Remus artwork by Nassima, and mostly PWP.

"You do realise something, don't you?" Sirius murmured, absently stroking Remus' hair as the two of them lay sprawled on the grass.

"Hmmm?"  Remus turned his head slightly against Sirius' stomach.  The early  summer warmth was making him sleepy.

"For the first time in God knows how long, we're ... alone."

Remus made a non-commital noise, but there was a little zing in the pit of his stomach.  The last time they'd been alone was, well, when things had happened.  When Sirius had cornered him and made him finally put voice to his feelings - and then showed him in completely unmistakable ways that he shared those feelings.  Since then, there hadn't been much time for more than a few stolen - but quite heated - kisses and some frantic unskilled groping.  When weren't there always friends, enemies, professors and ghosts around?  Between classes, homework, Sirius' Quidditch practices, the most recent full moon and the general horde of people around the castle, they'd never had more than a moment's privacy here and there.

But on this bright Saturday, somehow it had worked out that James had earned detention without dragging Sirius down, too, and Peter was doing extra work in Greenhouse Seven in an attempt to undo last week's Herbology disaster.  Remus and Sirius were able to slip away to a quiet shady spot on the edge of Hogwarts' grounds.  And if they were truly alone, that meant....

"C'mere."  Sirius tugged at Remus' shoulder; he rolled over and moved up obligingly, meeting Sirius' warm mouth in a warmer kiss.  It was becoming more familiar, Sirius' mouth, but he still felt there was still a lot to learn, how his teeth curved just so,  the minute textures of his tongue, the way Sirius' bottom lip felt as he sucked on it….  Remus felt hands coming up to thread through his hair as Sirius brought them together more firmly, making his own explorations through Remus' mouth; apparently he wasn't the only one wanting to experience everything thoroughly.  He took it all in - the faint taste of the chicken pie Sirius had eaten at lunch, the slick slide of tongue over his own and the way their mouths fitted together.  Girls' mouths had always seemed too small and dainty, but Sirius was … he just was.  A perfect fit.

"Mmmmrph," he moaned as Sirius slid away in order to lick a path along his jaw and down the column of his throat.   How could something so small make him feel this good?  The teasing lick turned into warm suction at his pulse point and he groaned again, unconsciously pushing his pelvis against Sirius' hip to relieve the need that was quickly  flooding him.

"Too much clothing," Sirius muttered, interrupting the suction long enough to dip his tongue into the hollow at the base of Remus' throat.  Remus felt a tug as his shirt was abruptly yanked out of his waistband, then the whisper of air as Sirius began fumbling with the buttons down the front.

He's seen you before, he reminded himself.  Zillions of times.  True.  But not under these circumstances.  Somehow, it was entirely different to bare his chest - or anything else - with this kind of sexual intent.  They hadn't managed to completely remove shirts before, for fear of getting caught, but now….

"Now mine," came the hoarse whisper, as Remus' shirt fell open.  Nervously, he helped tug Sirius' red t-shirt over his head, then abruptly forgot his nerves as Sirius pulled him down for another hungry kiss.  Their bare torsos slid together, silk and faintly rough at the same time as ribs and scars and the faint sprinkling of chest hair made themselves known to hypersensitive skin.  He was aware of Sirius pushing the remnants of his shirt off his shoulders and there was an awkward moment as he struggled to undo the cuffs and escape his sleeves.

"Twit. Use magic next time," Sirius teased as the unfortunate shirt was finally flung off into the bushes.

"Use your own wand, if you're in such a hurry," Remus shot back, wishing he'd been more graceful.  It wasn't like he ever had a problem getting undressed under normal circumstances, but something about being sprawled half-naked on top of someone he'd been attracted to for ages seemed to have short-circuited his brain.

Sirius waggled an eyebrow.  "Mmmm…  maybe I will."  He pushed his hips up meaningfully.  He pulled Remus down for another kiss.  "Then again," Sirius whispered against his mouth, "I wouldn't mind seeing yours."

He felt a hand creep between them, brushing over the lump in his jeans and inhaled sharply at the contact.  They'd done some groping in the past few weeks but, somehow, the luxury of knowing they weren't likely to be interrupted in the next ten seconds changed everything.  Sirius' palm pressed against him again, more firmly this time, and he let himself drop into the sensation, pushing forward and enjoying the feel of each finger that now surrounded him through the denim.  "Oh, God," he murmured, his earlier embarrassment forgotten.  

With that encouragement, Sirius slid his hand back up and tugged open the button on Remus' jeans.  Then he paused, and Remus saw a rare flash of uncertainty in the grey eyes. "This okay?" Sirius murmured.

He took a breath and nodded.  He was still a little nervous, too, though he didn't like to admit that.  It wasn't as if he hadn't ever done anything before, but not with a boy - especially this boy - and, yes, there was that He's seen you stark naked countless times factor, but not like this and now they were going to and shit he wanted it, but he wasn't exactly a Don Wand either.

Slowly, steadily, never breaking eye contact, Sirius pulled down Remus' zip, then slid his hand beneath the waistband of Remus' underpants until flesh met flesh and Remus gasped.  The touch was at a completely different angle from what he was used to and wasn't grasping him in quite the same places, but the warmth of those fingers and just knowing who was doing this turned him on faster than he would have believed.  In less than two minutes he came, his climax overtaking him with unstoppable force and fury.

Remus fell back on the grass, panting; he was sticky and sweaty and there was a rock underneath him somewhere, but he didn't care.  He just lay there a moment, eyes closed, and only opened them again when he felt a shadow steal across him; Sirius was leaning over him with an irrepressible grin on his face.  "Enjoy yourself?"

He could only snort in response, then returned the grin.  "No, clearly I hated it."  Remus sat up and gave the other boy a half-hearted swat.  "Yes, O Sex God.  Best wank I ever had.  Is that what you wanted to hear?"

Sirius mock-pouted.  "The best?  And yet no troph--"

"Shut up, you."  Remus leaned in to capture Sirius' mouth in another kiss, which was difficult given that they were both trying not to laugh; however, laughter quickly gave way to another emotion entirely, and soon he was nudging Sirius further back until the black-haired boy was stretched out on the grass, propped on his elbows as he met kiss after hungry kiss.

Thankfully, Sirius' clothes were easier to undo than his own; he popped the snap and tugged down the zip on the grey jeans with minimal effort.  Blue underwear appeared; Sirius had often been teased for his choice of colourful undergarments, but he always retorted that it was one small way to flaunt the drab dress code.  Remus wouldn't have been surprised to find purple Snitches, but he was surprised by how small this pair was.  Dark curly hair easily spilled over the top and the bit which wrapped around Sirius' narrow hips was scarcely three fingers wide.  "Nice," he commented as his fingers slipped below the elastic band.  "Going to show off to the others at bedtime tonight?"

Sirius stifled a groan as Remus' fingers skated along the line of his groin.  "Not on… your life.  Magic … just thought … maybe you'd like it if … we … got to do…."

"This?" Remus finished for him, finally closing his fingers around Sirius' hot length.  Just as it had been a different experience having someone else touching him, he now found it strange to touch someone else.  Were Sirius' sensitive spots the same as his?  He adjusted his grip slightly, and was gratified when Sirius threw back his head and moaned.  He slid his thumb over the tip a few times, then got down to a steady rhythm with his hand, shifting things a tiny bit experimentally along the way, until Sirius was arching his back and stifling a cry and coming.  Remus stared, transfixed by the bliss that had overtaken every line and curve of the young man beneath him; was this how he'd looked to Sirius a few moments ago?  

He eased Sirius down to the grass to let him recover, then retrieved his wand and had them both cleaned up by the time Sirius managed to lean up on one elbow and smile at him.  "Make that two Sex Gods," he said.

Remus flushed at the implied praise.  "Nah," he replied with a grin as he retrieved his rumpled shirt.  "I have my reputation as the 'quiet unassuming type' to maintain."

"Pffft.  Quiet, my arse," Sirius said, as Remus threw his t-shirt at him.  "No one who has heard you howl could call you quiet."

Remus made a face.  "James tells me you bark loud enough to wake all of Hogsmeade."

"But I'm not pretending that I'm quiet," Sirius replied with a grin.  "And besides, I didn't mean 'howling' when you change."  He raised an eyebrow meaningfully.

Remus bent his head, ostensibly to finish doing up his buttons, but in reality to hide the even bigger flush he could feel spreading across his cheeks.  "Oh.  Well … I guess next time we could try Silencio or something."

A hand reached out and stilled his fingers on the last button.  "Next time?"

He looked up into the hopeful grey eyes.  "Yeah," he said, closing his fingers around Sirius'.  "Next time."

[5 Sept, 2005]

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